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Cindrebay School of Design, Bangalore

“Design is intelligence made visible.” – Alina Wheeler

Design stems from one’s own personality, and the intensive study of other elements around them. Nature, Art, Architecture, People and their needs and desires, anything can motivate a new design. Inspiration is everywhere and at Cindrebay School of Design, Bangalore, we train young minds to recognise their inspiration. Developing a student's inner personality and making him/her aware of his talent to make them an all rounded designer is our motto. Focus on integrated learning and gaining experiences with knowledge is what we stand by.

BSc Interior Design

Duration: 3 Years Full Time
Eligibility: 10+2 or Equivalent
Intake: 30 Students in a Batch
Location: Jayanagar, Bangalore
Admission Started - Enroll Now: +91 80 2671 6538

Diploma in Interior Design & Space Management

Duration: 14 Months Full Time
Eligibility: 10+2 and Above
Intake: 20 Students in a Batch
Location: Jayanagar, Bangalore
Admission Started - Enroll Now: +91 80 2671 6538

BSc Costume Design & Fashion

Duration: 3 Years (6 semesters)
Eligibility: Pass in 10+2 with a minimum 50% aggregate marks
Intake: 30 seats
Location: Jayanagar, Bangalore
Admission Started - Enroll Now: +91 80 2671 6538

Diploma in Fashion Design & Apparel Merchandising

Duration: 14 Months Full Time
Eligibility: 10+2 and Above
Intake: 20 Students in a Batch
Location: Jayanagar, Bangalore
Admission Started - Enroll Now: +91 80 2671 6538

Bangalore being the epicentre of Design and Architecture in India, it is imperative to be represented in this cosmopolitan city. While establishing Cindrebay in this Cultural city, we further our mission toward facilitating growth and creative genius in aspiring designers and giving them the right resources to achieve their design dream in fashion or interiors. In a city, brimming with Art, History, Culture, and design, we introduce the much acclaimed brand Cindrebay as an impetus for new design aspirants. Located in the city centre, Jayanagar, the newest campus of Cindrebay School of Design is close to all major districts in Bangalore like Majestic, Silk Board, M.G. Road and is easily accessible by Bus, Car from anywhere in the city. Bangalore is one of the prominent cities of choice for students and professionals, who fall in love with the city’s sensational cultural vibe, climate and most importantly the hospitality of its people! Host to a variety of design and social events like the ‘Soul Sante’, ‘Bangalore Design Week’, ‘MASA’ etc., the city offers a lot of impetus to budding designers in every field. Be it fashion, food or interiors, Bangalore is at the forefront for all these different field of design, and is a bank of opportunities for new and talented fashion and interior designers!

In the truly cosmopolitan setting of Bangalore, which has come up as the Architecture and Interior Design hub in the country, we provide a wholesome integrated learning experience. Coupled with highly trained, dedicated staff and high quality infrastructure, our endeavour is to offer students top facilities and training for a bright future in Design. At Cindrebay, we try to coordinate the development, adoption and promotion of effective teaching and learning in higher education and thus we have designed the latest curriculum with Industry Experts. The curriculum delves in the study of latest design methodologies, techniques and materials, combined with practical knowledge of latest softwares, model-making techniques and site visits to understand contemporary construction methods. Cindrebay also create suitable opportunities for students through continuous professional and organizational workshops, guest lectures, seminars and co-curricular activities.

‘Tell me, I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.’

Cindrebay Interior Designing Classes

This unforgettable quote from Sir Benjamin Franklin is our driving force at Cindrebay School of Design, Bangalore. We firmly believe that education lies at the helm of practical experiences and that indulging students in daily lessons outside of the classroom, participating in workshops, hands on model making activities, site and market visits boost their confidence and help them learn a lot more than they would with just bookish learning. We help students bring out their best and achieve their full potential as future designers by encouraging them to take up internships and summer jobs which help them foray into the real world. We understand that every student has different qualities to offer and therefore we have created a syllabus that takes into consideration the varied needs of the students, which help us in honing their natural talents as well as work on their shortcomings. Generating new ideas and bringing them into effect is the job of every designer. A fashion designer breathes life into fabric, whereas an interior designer enlivens a space and gives the structure a character. At Cindrebay, we evoke the latent passion and enthusiasm in our students to help them in Design thinking and conduct many classes supportive to new ideas and dreams. A slight nudge, we believe, is all it takes to steer a student towards their best, and we believe we are the right institute for that push!

The sheer passion and love for design, and the immense desire to share this passion and inculcate the same love for design in future generations is what drives all of us at Cindrebay. From the very day, the first Cindrebay Design School was realized in Calicut, until today, we have upheld the same nurturing dream of design in our hearts! Our vision from the very beginning has been to establish ourselves as the stellar institute of excellence and innovation, with a clear motive to shape individuals who appreciate and initiate entrepreneurial, cultural and social change through leadership, ingenuity and a passionate approach towards Design. Cindrebay has unerringly framed every course, held every workshop and awarded every degree and diploma with the same goal.

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Highlights of the Cindrebay Bangalore Campus:

The Courses

All courses in Cindrebay School of Design are University-certified courses. The goals for Cindrebay, while framing the courses, are pretty simple: to keep the course practical and the training relevant. The courses are framed in such a way that they challenge students to discover the highest limits of their talents. Inbuilt within the courses, are opportunities for students to widen their perception of design and fashion beyond borders and conventions. To this end, the curriculum stems from the wisdom of successful experts in the field of fashion, interior designing and visual effects.

The Syllabus

The syllabus of Cindrebay School of Design in Bangalore has been designed by our mentor and chief advisor, the renowned Mr. Gautam Shah – ex-faculty at School of Interior Design (Faculty of Design), CEPT University, Ahmedabad. He is also a consultant Interior Designer, based at Ahmedabad, since 1970. He has been instrumental in framing a syllabus that incorporates his years of experience and his knowledge of modern trends and innovations. The syllabus, thus, is combines classroom sessions, internships, workshops with experts, lab work, and exhibitions by the students, to provide a wholesome learning experience that allows students to create their own path, and be adventurous with their creative ideas.

Teaching Methods

At Cindrebay School of Design, the motto is ‘doing is learning’. In line with this, we have created a curriculum that offers students the opportunity to both learn and put their newly-acquired knowledge into practical use. Classroom interactions and lectures are coupled with hours in the lab where students are encouraged to employ the skills they have just learnt about. This spurs students to be more daring in their creativity, under the watchful and supportive eye of the instructor. Students are also encouraged to share their ideas in open forums like exhibitions, fashion shows, or demonstrations that are set up with the aim to showcase their creativity.

Faculty Members

Our faculty members are what elevate Cindrebay to a higher standard, because without the right faculty members, our stellar courses and syllabi would be rendered ineffective. Cindrebay handpicks the best of the crop, through a thorough selection process, from an exclusive group of industry experts, design and animation professors, and academics with years of teaching and training experience under their belts. These professors and instructors provide the beacon of light that has guided many of our alumni towards success and fame in the design industry.


Cindrebay makes no compromises in giving students access to the very best labs, workshops and software in order to sharpen their skills. Online and virtual learning opportunities, webinars, e-programs, sketching and designing workshops, cutting/draping/tailoring labs and more are available on campus to ensure that a practical learning goes hand-in-hand with classroom instructions.

Subject-Matter Experts and Seminars

Students at Cindrebay are periodically encouraged to attend seminars, talks and workshops where they learn about and observe firsthand, the creative process of some of the most successful fashion and interior designers, VFX experts, architects etc in the industry. They get an opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback on their own creations and interact at length with such experts. These interactions ultimately lead to a more refined skill and art in Cindrebay’s students.


At Cindrebay we guarantee 100% placement for all graduates of our institutes. This is what sets us apart from other design schools. Our students have achieved placements in Indian and international firms, and have been successfully absorbed by some of the leading companies in the designing industry, following their internships. Our placement process is facilitated by an experienced placement officer, several campus recruitments throughout the year, and a robust MOU with designing firms around the country.

Bangalore - Jayanagar

#825, Puttadas Complex,
7th Block, Jayanagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070
Phone: 080 2671 6538
Mobile: 9028337989

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