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10 Incredible Ideas for your Backyard!

Backyards are usually a very underrated place in Indian homes. We all have them, but they are invariably used for hanging clothes, as a washing space, as parking or just an empty grass garden. When everyone is fighting for space, and trying to make theirs look beautiful, why ‘back’ out from using your backyard? Here are some exceptional ideas you can use to make your backyard look like a million bucks!


Make your backyard a romantic haven, by putting up some fairy lights, a hammock, some lamps and nice music, which is a perfect setting for a date!


Put up chicken wire mesh on your boundary wall and hang up colorful climbers on it. You can also put up colorful locks and keys, threads, laces everytime you have a good day, or a special moment. In this way, you can look back to all the wonderful moments you’ve had in the year!


Convert your backyard into a fun play area for your kids by making a race track, or a hurdle path. You can also make a small skating rink, or roads for gokarting or simple cycles races!


Alternatively, make a hurdle course or just install a jungle gym with swings, slides, rapelling, climbing etc. which will keep your kids active, occupied and outdoors for a long time.


A small organic water body, or just a fountain, with some wicker or garden chairs, surrounded by trees and greenery, makes for a fabulous family space. In case you don’t have a family lounge indoors, you can arrange one outside for an even better family time!


An old table, garden benches, a small four pole setup with colorful climbers, is all you need to gather your friends and family together for a nice picnic lunch!


Love having friends over? Arrange an amazing party right in your backyard for all your buddies. A small low table with cushions on the grass, barbeque, an old table converted into a bar, and lights strewn across the lawn, makes for a perfect and intimate party setting!


In case your friends are in the mood for a movie, put up a screen, (a white bedsheet will do too), and a projector and play your favourite movie while lounging in the grass!


Who says only kids can have a playzone? Say no to the gym and burn out those calories right in your backyard with your play equipment! A table tennis table is sure to be the envy of all your friends as well as a super fun way to work out! You can also put up a simple net with lights, for badminton, volleyball, throwball etc.


What better way to get rid of that belly than swimming in your own pool!!? Okay, this sounds very expensive and difficult, but it really isn’t! A small pool in your backyard is quite doable, and trust me, loads of fun!

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Correction. Everyone likes to swing! And there are just so many to chose from! Jute rope swings, bamboo swings, hanging swings, garden swings, swings for babies, etc. etc. Just adding a nice swing with lots of planters and some lights can transform your drab backyard into a cosy reading corner or star gazing deck!   


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A small private space in your backyard, with flowers, greenery and some quiet is perfect for relieving stress. This space can be used for exercise, reading, yoga, meditation or just a private time off space to think after a long day of work.

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Start your own vegetable or herb garden right in your backyard. Its pretty simple and cheap and did I mention, organic? You can scan the internet for tons of ideas on how you can start your vegetable garden, which veggies can grow easily and a list of what all you might need! Say yes to fresh fruits, veggies and herbs!


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How about a nice stroll in your own garden and backyard? Add lights to your outdoor spaces, like gardens and backyards with these easy and very cheap ideas. Mason jars with candles or fairy lights is always a good and effortless idea! Keep lamps and lanterns on steps and near planters for an ethereal look. You can also use rope lighting to light up pathways, and walkways. Fairy lights around trees or hung across backyards makes a space look very lively!

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Host a picnic, on a winter evening and warm up with the classic bonfire. A round seating with a central campfire is the perfect answer to those winter nights where you can get cosy and enjoy long conversations with family and friends. Add some smores and marshmallows for an ideal picnic setting!


So, use these 10 incredible ideas, to utilize your backyard and make it the envy of all your friends! A small investment, some crazy ideas and loads of imagination is all you need to make your backyard more lively and give it some character. Choose your design according to the members in your family and your needs and go insane enjoying your backyard!



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Jamila is one part artist, two parts foodie, and all parts traveler. She is a patron of good art and design and loves to immerse herself in books and music. Simplicity and minimalism is her motto as an architect. A writing enthusiast, she surrounds herself with all things creative. She actively shuns all “ists” and “isms” and firmly believes in a “no – label” world! She isn’t afraid to take risks, speak her mind, push forward and challenge preconceptions. She is currently pursuing Masters in Architecture at the University of Liechtenstein.

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