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This Monsoon become a minimalist!

Ever wondered what it would feel to run into the arms of a clean, tidy home? Or, wondered how easy it would be to have a home that requires minimal cleaning, and yet always looks as good as new? If you are craving for this kind of a home, then we suggest you embrace Minimalsim. […]

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Anabelle Viegas: The up and coming urban designer to look out for

There’s an old saying, the sea doesn’t like to be restrained. It might as well be written for architect and urban designer Anabelle Viegas D’mello’s work. Brought up in the small coastal town of Karwar, the influence of the temperamental coastal life is clearly reflected in her designs that are, at once, experimental and minimalistic.  […]

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In the heart of Bangalore lies Mecca of sustainable living

In the midst of a city that has become a juggernaut of sorts crushing the tradition of sustainability while thriving on mindless consumption of natural resources, there lies a house, almost like an oasis that not only preaches but also vociferously practices an ecological model of living. Meet Vishala Padmanabhan, former Chartered Accountant, whose stint […]

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Dr. Janis Naha Sajeed: Marrying the modern with the long forgotten

Persian influence, British motifs, the predominance of Indian art, modern with an obvious sprinkle of the old world charm; peeking into Dr. Janis Naha’s world of interior designing is like looking into a kaleidoscope. She is the product of a modern India, and yet her style seamlessly marries the new with the long forgotten, creating […]

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