Dr. Anil Kumar: Making a more sustainable world


In a field where aesthetics more often than not takes precedence over practicality and sustainability, Dr.  P P Anil Kumar is an exception. An academic by profession and architect by passion, Dr. Kumar’s designs are at once practical, sustainable and beautiful. He not only creates designs but also actively contributes to the academia through his research papers and books.  The

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Meet Sujith G S, an Architect cut above the rest


In the world of tried and tested formulas adopted by Architects and Interior Designers, Sujith G S is a welcome aberration.   A casual  interest in buildings soon bloomed into a fascination that led him to take  up Architecture professionally. He joined the College of Engineering, Trivandrum, and soon after graduating he joined Larsen & Toubro as an architect. After five

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Design lovers get ready for Living Edge – One Day Interactive Design Seminar by Cindrebay Nurture

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  There is, it may seem, a disconnect between students and those they would like to emulate. Today, any information relating to Interior Design or Architecture is readily available online and is being heartily consumed. In fact, this thirst for more information has also given birth to newer academic verticals like industrial design and visual communication. However, this dependence on

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The Palace of Assembly, Chandigarh: Beautiful Collision of Art and Architecture

The tower and the pyramid structures

The Capitol Complex of Chandigarh, one among 17 buildings of the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier added to the World Heritage List in 2016, is an architectural wonder, incongruous to the era in which it was created. Conceptualized and built in the 1950s by Le Corbusier, it is a sprawling area that houses three buildings – the Legislative Assembly (or the

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Interior Designing – An overview


Contrary to the laymen’s thinking, the interior design profession is much beyond a simple home-makeover job. It is a more creative and aesthetic practice. It encompasses a broad range of allied disciplines and skills that are to be perfected, as you enroll for a graduate interior designing course. Interior designing acts as a link between the architecture and the users

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Do I have to go to school to become an Interior Designer?


If you have been contemplating to become an Interior designer, it’s quite possible that you must have asked this question to yourself, may be more than once. Not all successful businessmen go to school to become one, hence you may question – Can’t I be a successful Interior designer without having to attend a formal school or training? In the

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