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Artifacts : Art for art’s sake?

Picture this: you are in your favorite home décor store and your eyes fall on a beautiful art object. It could cost you a fortune but you are sure that it fits well into the style of your home. However, there’s no purpose that the expensive artifact would serve beyond the idea of beauty or […]

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NID Bengaluru all set to celebrate World Bamboo Day

The largest member of the grass family, Bamboo, is slowly but steadily finding itself in the middle of debates around sustainability that has gripped the design world. The Bamboo has been all pervasive in various parts of Asia since time immemorial, quietly finding its way into Asian homes, fabrics and even food. With the sustainability […]

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The idea called Chair, its evolution and stagnation

Stare, sit and get conquered – the simple logic to a comfortable chair. All furniture designers struggle to realize and understand this lucid thought. And, it sure is a complex process to those who have delved deep into designing a successful chair. With the emergence of the idea of anthropometry or what they call the […]

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Vernacular architecture is the flag bearer of a culture: Dr. AnilKumar

Postmodern structures have often been burdened with numerous skewed expectations. Stylish, trendy, international appeal, different, are just some of the many objectives that these structures are forced to fulfill. The pressure to look distinct has compelled architects to opt for more international themes for buildings, rejecting the indigenous for good. Thus, postmodern architectures have not […]

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Expert Speak: What ails Interior Designing in India?

The field of Interior Designing, like is the norm, has seen numerous changes; be it in its aesthetics, its style or the message it wants to deliver. And, what about the scene in India? Gautam Shah, a highly revered academician, and Architect weighs in on the trajectory of Interior Designing’s journey; what ails it and […]

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