Guest Writer: Bad standards of drawing are unpardonable


Drawing is as important to an architect as the right ingredients for a chef. It is an integral part of any architectural blueprint. And flimsy drawing standards inevitably showcases the callous attitude of the firm, opines Khushboo Agarwal, Asst. Prof. in Jhulelal Institute of Architecture, Nagpur. Bad standards of drawing is a strict no-no for Khushboo.  I’m very fussy when

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Space can be a healer: Dr AnilKumar


Are structures just merely the sum of their building materials? Or do they, at some point, transcend from being an inactive object to an emotional experience? How do some structures evoke a sense of excitement within us, while others make an impact only at a superficial level? And do spaces have the capacity to forge an emotional bond and play

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Design should be democratic, not discriminatory: Takbir Fatima, DesignAware


In the extremely dynamic world of Design, a company like DesignAware that dabbles in 3D and digital fabrication, and employs technology to create futuristic designs takes the game a notch higher. DesignAware believes in the democratization of design. In other words, designs should be created in a way that would impact and be accessible to everyone and not just to

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Cindrebay students capture the various moods of Calicut


Alfred Stieglitz, the American photojournalist internationally recognized as the pioneer of modern photography had this to say about the art of taking pictures, “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” As young, up and coming Architecture and Design students, it becomes imperative to grasp that subtle reality hidden in everyday objects. Seeing

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Eclecticism –A Mismatch solution


Eclecticism is a fairly new term to most of us. But unbeknown to the beautiful space seekers, we have all been treading this path since long. We have encountered eclecticism while doing up our homes and while attempting to mix and match furniture, furnishings, and accessories. We have unconsciously employed eclecticism when decorating our homes and not sticking to any

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Prasanth Mohan: an ardent architect, a passionate photographer


It is hard not to take an instant liking to Prasanth Mohan. Armed with a disarming smile, and a humble persona, this lanky, bearded Kollam resident is a hesitant architect but a passionate photographer. However, behind that unassuming façade lies a sharp, creative mind that is trying hard to make architectural photography, still in its nascent stage in India, a

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