Being comfortable is my fashion mantra: Honey Rose


She is a gorgeous woman, a versatile actor, and an absolute pleasure to talk to. Honey Rose is undoubtedly one of the most well-known faces in the South Indian film industry. Starting her career in 2006, she reached newer heights with the controversial, yet well—received film, Trivandrum lodge. Long after the credits roll out, Honey’s characters stay with you thanks

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The ARCASIA Awards: recognising the best in Asia


The prestigious Arcasia awards (Architects Regional Council Asia) are back! And, for the first time, the same is being hosted by the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA). The award, rebranded as AAA in 2013, was initiated to acknowledge the inspirational and exemplary work done by architects in Asia.  It also recognises the efforts undertaken by architects to implement important architectural

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Expert Speak: The evolution of kitchens


Gautam Shah looks at the evolution of kitchens through the decades. Shah is a consultant Interior Designer based at Ahmedabad, India, since 1970, and a highly respected former faculty member, School of Interior Design – Faculty of Design, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. His blogs on Interior Designing and Architecture are among the most widely read literature on these topics.  Kitchen as a space

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The common debate in the design world: Digital vs Physical?


No, I’m not talking about intimacy but about designmacy! I regularly have dialogues with my fellows when I advocate digitalized pedagogy. Though we have abundant technological advancement, the design studios have fundamentally remained unchanged. We are not ready to change. If we simply Google these words, Architecture, Inspiring Architects or Top Architects, the students will see the corresponding images and

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Allen Claudius George: A sneaker fanatic and a dog lover


Allen Claudius George still uses Yahoo Mail. And, that is probably the only aspect of his life that is anachronistic. Everything else about this 34-year-old fashion blogger –his style statement, his blog, and his styling advice- is modern and edgy. Allen is the founder of the hugely popular blog, Bowties and Bones; one of the few Indian blogs that focuses

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The Indian design industry has potential to grow over Rs 18,800 crore by 2020


The Indian design industry has a potential to grow over Rs 18,800 crore by 2020, of which industrial design segment is expected to be at Rs 11,000 crore, according to industry body CII. The potential size of the design industry is Rs 11,681 crore and is expected to be Rs 18,832 crore by 2020, of this presently only a market

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Alicia Souza: Taking the doodling world by storm


Alicia Souza and her work are evocative of a new and emerging India. Quirky, funny, independent, courageous, and fiercely creative, Alicia belongs to the growing tribe of youngsters that do not wait for someone to create a path that does not exist. Instead, they create their own road inspiring like-minded creative individuals to follow. Doodling, in India, is still a

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Deepak Guggari, a passionate architect and lover of the Zen philosophy


Khushboo Agarwal, Asst. Prof. in Jhulelal Institute of Architecture, Nagpur had done her apprenticeship with Varsha and Deepak Guggari Associate (VDGA). This piece speaks about her experience and contains her personal views about the organisation and its Principal Architect, Deepak Guggari.  During my final year of apprenticeship, I got the opportunity to work at Varsha and Deepak Guggari Associate (VDGA),

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Meet Babita Jaishankar, an image consultant, a designer, and a confidant


“There are usually two images that you encounter when you look in the mirror. One is your reflection and the other is the image of you that has been imprinted in your mind; the latter is more difficult to deal with,” says Babita Jaishankar. The 40-year-old would know a thing or two about working with difficult perceived images; after all,

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