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Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016: From Kochi with love

Fort Kochi exudes a certain romanticism, maybe it is the beauty of the Arabian sea neighbouring it, or the old narrow lanes that are constantly jostling for a place with the new. It is the amalgamation of many elements that lends Fort Kochi its distinctiveness. No wonder then that one of the biggest art festivals […]

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‘Desically’, it’s time to go Ethnic!

There’s something absolutely magical about ‘Desi’ (Indian) products; the kalamkari and ikhat prints, beautiful handmade silver jewellery that are sold in small shops across many streets in the interior parts of the country, weaved garments that are emblematic of a colourful India. However, it is not easy to find these products, as commercial shops selling […]

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Expert Corner: The romance of the Sheer Fabric

There’s nothing prettier and more subtly enticing as a sheer fabric in the fabric world. It is complete in its simplicity and yet manages to charm anyone who comes in close contact with it. Sheer is tactile feeling that is satisfying and delightful. It is a feeling or a state of experience. Sheer fabric is […]

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Shalini James: Celebrating the vibrancy of Indian colours

By her own admission, she is a raconteur who believes in using Indian cultural motifs, incorporating them into textiles and converting them into stories embedded in fashion. Shalini James is undoubtedly one of the best-known faces of Indian fashion today. Her fierce Indianness oozes out of everything she touches. Her theme for Amazon India Fashion […]

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KarmaSuthra: The Queen of Dramatic Jewellery

“I had absolutely no interest in jewellery or anything pretty for that matter,” says 41-year-old Divya Thomas almost nonchalantly. The seemingly innocuous statement would not have mattered had it been uttered by someone else. But coming from the founder of KarmaSuthra, one of the most loved jewellery brands in India, it is quite surprising indeed. […]

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How to make the perfect CV for that perfect job

CV or curriculum vitae is one of the most important document you will possess in your professional life. It comprises everything; your work experience, skills, and other important details. But more importantly a good CV is also an indicator of your design and presentation skills; an extremely important skill to have in today’s world of […]

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Fashion of the future: Digital dress of your dreams!

A woman walks into her fully-automated closet, and is welcomed by a computer-generated voice. It asks her what she would like to wear and what her plans are for the evening.  She gives the information, and out of the blue a brand new dress, perfect for the occasion, magically materializes right before her eyes! Sounds […]

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