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Home offices – cozy work spaces or private den?

Modern work ethics and evolving professions have carved a special niche for home offices in Residential Interiors. Work from home privileges, private practices, entrepreneurship or even freelancing or studying demand a small but special work space. Parallel professions are cropping up everywhere recently, like blogging, you tubing, make up artists, content creators, stylists etc. need […]

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False Ceilings – Then and Now!

False ceilings are a big part of shaping up and sculpting a space. Once used merely to hide the electrical, plumbing and HVAC services, false ceilings have truly come a long way and a more of a feature element in modern spaces. Innovative use of materials and colors help in adding to the theme or […]

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Breaking down interior design mistakes

Getting a space, especially a home designed or renovated is a big deal for a lot of us. Everyone has their own dreams and ideas about their ideal personal space and they want to see these dreams take shape. However, many a times, people face challenges while getting their space done, and this can result […]

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All about columns – Interior column treatments

Interior spaces are a reflection of the architectural planning and civil engineering required to erect a building. In modern day construction, the column beam method is used for creating structures, and as a result we see many pillars, columns, beams etc. in interior spaces. In ancient times, these supporting members were embellished with beautiful carvings, […]

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Interior Partitions

In recent years, there’s been a paradigm shift in the design typology of interior Partitions. We have surely come a long way from plain and simple brick plastered partitions or POP / cement sheet partitions. In modern homes these days, partitions aren’t merely space dividers, but also features in the space design.  The development in architecture and […]

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