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Steps in interiors – Play of levels and heights in interior design

Interior Design or Interior Architecture is multi-faceted. It has many aspects to it,  aesthetically and technically. In the previous blogs, we have discussed lavish sprawling interiors, cozy and tiny spaces, grand staircases, retail, residential and restaurant interiors etc. But, what happens when you mix all the above? When you introduce steps and levels in residential […]

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How to look more professional as an Interior Designer!

More and more young interior designers and architects are foraying into the world of start-ups and self-run businesses. There is no dearth of freelance designers in India, may it be interiors, fashion, architecture, graphics or animation. However, a lot of these talented youngsters are somehow neglected in the field owing to lesser experience and their […]

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How to deal with creator’s block!? – The recipe to generate new ideas everyday!

Creativity isn’t something you are just born with. One has to develop it and constantly work on it otherwise even the most creative people will fall into a rut with no new ideas. So how do you keep things fresh? People in the creative field, like Architects, interior designers, fashion designers, film makers or animators, writers, […]

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Amaravati vs. Kedarnath – A look at the up and coming cities in India

Amaravati vs. Kedarnath? The new state capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati, is being planned as one of the most modern up and coming cities of India. The project is being spearheaded by Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, the first chief minister of the now divided state. As Hyderabad became the new capital of Telangana, discussions erupted about […]

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Dramatic windows : Using fenestration as design features!

Fenestration, or the openings in a building i.e. the doors and windows are like the nose and lungs of a structure. They provide ventilation, light and passive cooling. However, windows also serve another important purpose, that is defining and enhancing the building facade as well as complimenting the design and decor of the interiors. Fenestration […]

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