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The importance of keeping it real!

Are you a Millennial? Generation X? In the age group of 16-35? Read on. This is for you! Most times I write about Architecture, Design, Interiors and Art. I stress the importance of good work, encourage people to have a passion, write How-to posts to transform your spaces and your homes. However, today, I want […]

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Notre Dame – Then, now and what’s next?

Notre Dame – What can be said about this magnificent structure, which hasn’t been said before? Every Architect is fascinated by it’s grand facades, every writer finds inspiration in it’s form, every poet romanticizes its rose windows and every sculptor marvels at it’s flying buttresses. This world-renowned Cathedral, is France’s most famous landmark, an 856 […]

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Affordable housing and infrastructure in India

Finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman said in her maiden Union budget speech, that the government of India will introduce a new model tenancy law to boost the rental housing market and also proposed to provide further tax incentives for Affordable housing. She also proposed that several land parcels held by Central Govt., PSUs would be used […]

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White interiors – What makes them so special?

Different moods and different personalities call for different styles and colors. Some shades speak to us at a psychological level and affect our daily lives. Red brings energy, blue brings calm and yellow brings positive vibes! However, at the very top of this color chart is the eternal color White, the shade every other color […]

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