The Right & Wrong Reasons to Choose Architecture!


(WARNING: In case you are afraid to get your nails chipped, or hate the pungent smell of fresh paint, your eyes burn with the smell of freshly polished wood or need 8 hours of sleep every night, don’t be an Architect. If however, the sound of metal getting cut, the sparks of welding torches, the sound of cranes, and hammering

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Two Day Furniture Design Workshop on ‘Bio-Mimicry’ at Cindrebay Nagpur


  Asad Firdosy – In pursuit of Art. Asad Firdos – An Architect by qualification, furniture designer as his vocation and a craftsman at heart.  He took architecture as a profession as his father suggested that it is ideal for him. He accepted the decision and completed his graduation from VNIT in 1992. However, Asad’s close interaction with skilled craftsmen

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AURA 2017- A Magnificent Manifestation of Creative Arts and Design


According to the theorist Walter Benjamin, the concept of ‘aura’ refers to the authenticity and originality of an art work which is often lost in the modern world where there are technological reproductions of almost everything. So Aura is the unique aesthetic quality of an art work. Aura 2017, an Art and Design Exhibition organised by Cindrebay School of Design

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‘Desically’, it’s time to go Ethnic!


There’s something absolutely magical about ‘Desi’ (Indian) products; the kalamkari and ikhat prints, beautiful handmade silver jewellery that are sold in small shops across many streets in the interior parts of the country, weaved garments that are emblematic of a colourful India. However, it is not easy to procure these products, as commercial shops selling mass-produced goods never venture into

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Shalini James: Celebrating the vibrancy of Indian colours


By her own admission, she is a raconteur who believes in using Indian cultural motifs, incorporating them into textiles and converting them into stories embedded in fashion. Shalini James is undoubtedly one of the best-known faces of Indian fashion today. Her fierce Indianness oozes out of everything she touches. Her theme for Amazon India Fashion week 2016 has been ‘Indian

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