Takbir Fatima gets NDTV’s Emerging Architect of the Year award


Takbir Fatima, the 32-year-old London-educated founder of DesignAware, a company that creates awareness through liveable, wearable, usable, accessible and responsible design, has been awarded the Emerging Architect of the Year 2016 by the NDTV Design & Architecture Awards. Takbir is the only woman to have received this award. The ceremony took place on Friday, 20 January, in Mumbai.  NDTV launched its

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The ARCASIA Awards: recognising the best in Asia


The prestigious Arcasia awards (Architects Regional Council Asia) are back! And, for the first time, the same is being hosted by the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA). The award, rebranded as AAA in 2013, was initiated to acknowledge the inspirational and exemplary work done by architects in Asia.  It also recognises the efforts undertaken by architects to implement important architectural

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Space can be a healer: Dr AnilKumar


Are structures just merely the sum of their building materials? Or do they, at some point, transcend from being an inactive object to an emotional experience? How do some structures evoke a sense of excitement within us, while others make an impact only at a superficial level? And do spaces have the capacity to forge an emotional bond and play

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Vernacular architecture is the flag bearer of a culture: Dr. AnilKumar


Postmodern structures have often been burdened with numerous skewed expectations. Stylish, trendy, international appeal, different, are just some of the many objectives that these structures are forced to fulfill. The pressure to look distinct has compelled architects to opt for more international themes for the buildings, rejecting the indigenous for good! Thus, postmodern architectures have not only started looking similar

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In the heart of Bangalore lies Mecca of sustainable living

Kitchen garden

In the midst of a city that has become a juggernaut of sorts crushing the tradition of sustainability while thriving on mindless consumption of natural resources, there lies a house, almost like an oasis that not only preaches but also vociferously practices an ecological model of living. Meet Vishala Padmanabhan, former Chartered Accountant, whose stint with the corporate world taught

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Living the Eco-Friendly way!


The human race, since time immemorial, has been in a persistent state of battle.  From fighting fearful, wild animals to waging war against one another, the fight for survival has been the only constant aspect in an ever-changing world. At the turn of this century, we started yet another battle; that against time running out. Increasing population and the proportional

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