The Right & Wrong Reasons to Choose Architecture!


(WARNING: In case you are afraid to get your nails chipped, or hate the pungent smell of fresh paint, your eyes burn with the smell of freshly polished wood or need 8 hours of sleep every night, don’t be an Architect. If however, the sound of metal getting cut, the sparks of welding torches, the sound of cranes, and hammering

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How to make the perfect CV for that perfect job


CV or curriculum vitae is one of the most important document you will possess in your professional life. It comprises everything; your work experience, skills, and other important details. But more importantly a good CV is also an indicator of your design and presentation skills; an extremely important skill to have in today’s world of design. Khushboo Agarwal, Asst. Prof.

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Architecture: Finding the right job? Remember these points


The first job in a good architectural studio is extremely important for up and coming aspiring architects. It sets the basis for the future. But before the all-important interview, a thorough research of the firms, and their philosophy is extremely important.Khushboo Agarwal, Asst. Prof. in Jhulelal Institute of Architecture, Nagpur has some pointers to help you zero in on the right

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Join Cindrebay ‘SketchUp Marathon’ – 3 Day Workshop on SketchUp

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Technological innovations are the very backbone of the dynamic world of architecture. Those unwilling to learn the latest tech releases or are ignorant of the same will find themselves lagging far behind in the race towards creating the perfect structure. After AutoCAD 2D-3D, 3DsMax, Revit, ArchiCad and other similar tech inventions, the simplest to enter the market was the SketchUp.

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Guest Writer: Bad standards of drawing are unpardonable


Drawing is as important to an architect as the right ingredients for a chef. It is an integral part of any architectural blueprint. And flimsy drawing standards inevitably showcases the callous attitude of the firm, opines Khushboo Agarwal, Asst. Prof. in Jhulelal Institute of Architecture, Nagpur. Bad standards of drawing is a strict no-no for Khushboo.  I’m very fussy when

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Design should be democratic, not discriminatory: Takbir Fatima, DesignAware


In the extremely dynamic world of Design, a company like DesignAware that dabbles in 3D and digital fabrication, and employs technology to create futuristic designs takes the game a notch higher. DesignAware believes in the democratization of design. In other words, designs should be created in a way that would impact and be accessible to everyone and not just to

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NID Bengaluru all set to celebrate World Bamboo Day


The largest member of the grass family, Bamboo, is slowly but steadily finding itself in the middle of debates around sustainability that has gripped the design world. The Bamboo has been all pervasive in various parts of Asia since time immemorial, quietly finding its way into Asian homes, fabrics and even food. With the sustainability debate increasingly dictating design narratives,

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Expert Speak: What ails Interior Designing in India?


The field of Interior Designing, like is the norm, has seen numerous changes; be it in its aesthetics, its style or the message it wants to deliver. And, what about the scene in India? Gautam Shah, a highly revered academician, and Architect weighs in on the trajectory of Interior Designing’s journey; what ails it and what should aspiring students do.

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What is Interior Designing?


Interior Designing is an extremely misunderstood term. Some confuse it with Interior Decoration, while others think it is an extended arm of architecture. If you are also confused then let one of India’s leading architects solve the issue for you. Gautam Shah is a consultant Interior Designer based at Ahmedabad, India, since 1970, and a highly respected former faculty member, School of

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