Expert Speak: The evolution of kitchens


Gautam Shah looks at the evolution of kitchens through the decades. Shah is a consultant Interior Designer based at Ahmedabad, India, since 1970, and a highly respected former faculty member, School of Interior Design – Faculty of Design, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. His blogs on Interior Designing and Architecture are among the most widely read literature on these topics.  Kitchen as a space

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The Indian design industry has potential to grow over Rs 18,800 crore by 2020


The Indian design industry has a potential to grow over Rs 18,800 crore by 2020, of which industrial design segment is expected to be at Rs 11,000 crore, according to industry body CII. The potential size of the design industry is Rs 11,681 crore and is expected to be Rs 18,832 crore by 2020, of this presently only a market

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Deepak Guggari, a passionate architect and lover of the Zen philosophy


Khushboo Agarwal, Asst. Prof. in Jhulelal Institute of Architecture, Nagpur had done her apprenticeship with Varsha and Deepak Guggari Associate (VDGA). This piece speaks about her experience and contains her personal views about the organisation and its Principal Architect, Deepak Guggari.  During my final year of apprenticeship, I got the opportunity to work at Varsha and Deepak Guggari Associate (VDGA),

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Eclecticism –A Mismatch solution


Eclecticism is a fairly new term to most of us. But unbeknown to the beautiful space seekers, we have all been treading this path since long. We have encountered eclecticism while doing up our homes and while attempting to mix and match furniture, furnishings, and accessories. We have unconsciously employed eclecticism when decorating our homes and not sticking to any

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Pop up your Festive game!


It’s that time of the year to get your dusting equipment out along with the knick knacks from the closets for their annual cleaning rituals. The festive season is upon us! Every year we agonize over how to decorate our homes, and make it look different and unique to the visitors. This year, let’s go beyond colourful hangings, lights, lamps

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NID Bengaluru all set to celebrate World Bamboo Day


The largest member of the grass family, Bamboo, is slowly but steadily finding itself in the middle of debates around sustainability that has gripped the design world. The Bamboo has been all pervasive in various parts of Asia since time immemorial, quietly finding its way into Asian homes, fabrics and even food. With the sustainability debate increasingly dictating design narratives,

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The idea called Chair, its evolution and stagnation


Stare, sit and get conquered – the simple logic to a comfortable chair. All furniture designers struggle to realize and understand this lucid thought. And, it sure is a complex process to those who have delved deep into designing a successful chair. With the emergence of the idea of anthropometry or what they call the science of understanding human dimensions;

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