Pop up your Festive game!


It’s that time of the year to get your dusting equipment out along with the knick knacks from the closets for their annual cleaning rituals. The festive season is upon us! Every year we agonize over how to decorate our homes, and make it look different and unique to the visitors. This year, let’s go beyond colourful hangings, lights, lamps

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NID Bengaluru all set to celebrate World Bamboo Day


The largest member of the grass family, Bamboo, is slowly but steadily finding itself in the middle of debates around sustainability that has gripped the design world. The Bamboo has been all pervasive in various parts of Asia since time immemorial, quietly finding its way into Asian homes, fabrics and even food. With the sustainability debate increasingly dictating design narratives,

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In the heart of Bangalore lies Mecca of sustainable living

Kitchen garden

In the midst of a city that has become a juggernaut of sorts crushing the tradition of sustainability while thriving on mindless consumption of natural resources, there lies a house, almost like an oasis that not only preaches but also vociferously practices an ecological model of living. Meet Vishala Padmanabhan, former Chartered Accountant, whose stint with the corporate world taught

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Living the Eco-Friendly way!


The human race, since time immemorial, has been in a persistent state of battle.  From fighting fearful, wild animals to waging war against one another, the fight for survival has been the only constant aspect in an ever-changing world. At the turn of this century, we started yet another battle; that against time running out. Increasing population and the proportional

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