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15 Interior Decor Trends

The upsurge in Interior Decor stores and brands in the last decade proves how far we have come in terms of experimenting with designs and details. Today, I bring you the currently ruling top 15 Interior decor trends to feast your eyes. These distinct, daring and damn right ingenious decor are ones we keep seeing […]

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5 Ways to Style your House for Special Occasions

Do you panic every time you are hosting an event at your home? Do you have a lot of friends coming over for a party? Have you invited people over for a soiree and your home looks drab and boring? Well, today I am here to divulge some interesting, simple and inexpensive ways to style […]

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Light it Up: 8 Styling Tips with Modern Light Fixtures

Mounting those plain tube lights and bulbs in living spaces is now a thing of the past. Lighting fixtures, like most other elements in an interior design, are now a feature rather than being a mere necessity. People invest a lot of money in getting the suitable light fixture for any space, and rightly so. Imagine […]

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