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Light it Up: 8 Styling Tips with Modern Light Fixtures

Mounting those plain tube lights and bulbs in living spaces is now a thing of the past. Lighting fixtures, like most other elements in an interior design, are now a feature rather than being a mere necessity. People invest a lot of money in getting the suitable light fixture for any space, and rightly so. Imagine […]

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Wardrobes – Crafting the perfect World for your belongings!

Wardrobe, Almirah, Closet, Cupboard, call it what you will, a home is incomplete without good storage. A well designed home or space, has ample storage area, and allows proper stocking of everything you own. Back in the days, storage was limited to a single door almirah in the bedroom, and some shelves in the living […]

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50 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas!

The month of June, is already upon us and it Spring feels are in the air! There are rains pouring in different parts of India, the wet mud smells magical and the atmosphere is suddenly a bit more colorful. Driven by this happy feeling and all the shades and hues around me, I have been […]

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