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In Conversation with Ar. Habeeb Khan – Putting the Contemporary in Vernacular Architecture!

Ar. Habeeb Khan has left a distinctive impression on the skyline of many Indian cities with his signature ‘Contemporary Vernacular’ Architecture. An award winning designer, public speaker, teacher and now the Chairman of the Council of Architecture, India – he has donned many hats! In an insightful interview, Prof. Habeeb Khan reveals his motivation, his working style and […]

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Notre Dame – Then, Now and What’s Next?

Notre Dame – What can be said about this magnificent structure, which hasn’t been said before? Every Architect is fascinated by it’s grand facades, every writer finds inspiration in it’s form, every poet romanticizes its rose windows and every sculptor marvels at it’s flying buttresses. This world-renowned Cathedral, is France’s most famous landmark, an 856 […]

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15 Interior Decor Trends

The upsurge in Interior Decor stores and brands in the last decade proves how far we have come in terms of experimenting with designs and details. Today, I bring you the currently ruling top 15 Interior decor trends to feast your eyes. These distinct, daring and damn right ingenious decor are ones we keep seeing […]

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Back to Basics – 7 Principles of Interior Design!

Often we see gorgeous images of interior spaces on the internet but can’t really pinpoint what makes the space so attractive! Want to be in on the secret? There are some tricks of the trade which Designers use, to come up with stunning designs, graphics, spaces or buildings every single time. What are these thumb […]

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Light it Up: 8 Styling Tips with Modern Light Fixtures

Mounting those plain tube lights and bulbs in living spaces is now a thing of the past. Lighting fixtures, like most other elements in an interior design, are now a feature rather than being a mere necessity. People invest a lot of money in getting the suitable light fixture for any space, and rightly so. Imagine […]

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How to look more Professional as an Interior Designer!

More and more young interior designers and architects are foraying into the world of start-ups and self-run businesses. There is no dearth of freelance designers in India, may it be interiors, fashion, architecture, graphics or animation. However, a lot of these talented youngsters are somehow neglected in the field owing to lesser experience and their […]

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50 Mid-Century Interior Design Ideas

Mid-Century interior design has made a sensational come back in the market in recent years. Interior styles and trends have a way of repeating themselves every few decades and the mid-century movement is no different. A design style, which originated in the post World War II scenario, the mid century furniture, accessories, lamps and other […]

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How to design a Museum

India has a rich cultural and social history. The various dynasties which ruled our country, their tradtions and values, rituals, dances and folklores have been being practiced here since times unknown. The treasure of music and cinema is huge and precious and people would want to experience it for their own. Owing to all these […]

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The story of IKEA!

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works!” It is true what they say about necessity being the mother of invention, when a boy of 5, started selling matches to make some money. That same boy expanded his business to sell christmas decorations, pens and pencils by […]

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