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The importance of keeping it real!

Are you a Millennial? Generation X? In the age group of 16-35? Read on. This is for you! Most times I write about Architecture, Design, Interiors and Art. I stress the importance of good work, encourage people to have a passion, write How-to posts to transform your spaces and your homes. However, today, I want […]

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LULU FASHION FORUM – Fashion in Tier 2 Cities

Small towns and cities in India, have a culture and niche of their own, which they flaunt unabashedly and in fact, with pride. People have more time, deeper connections with friends, relatives and neighbours, meaningful places and favourite spots, colorful festivals and a fashion sense unlike any mega cities. Fashion in Tier 2 cities, is […]

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How to get ready when you have nothing to wear!

Women all over the world have long been plagued with the disease of not having enough clothes to wear! A regular thought which comes in all our minds, every morning, when we stand transfixed in front of our wardrobes, deciding we’re all out of clothes, even though every hanger is full. So, what are we […]

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“FASHIONBAY” Presents: GO GLAM – Makeup Workshop!!!

“I believe all women are pretty without makeup. But, with the right makeup, they can be pretty powerful!” – Bobbi Brown   Self-grooming and personality development are an integral part of our personas. The clothes we wear, our gestures and expressions, language, the way we present our self speaks volumes about our personality. But, you […]

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