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Architecture and Model Making : The Belgian Approach

For the architect as an individual, a part of their building culture roots are established during the first crucial years of their training period. A big part of the skill set is model making. Although we live an era where there isn’t the slightest thing one is unable to generate digitally, we cannot deny the charms and quality of […]

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Cindrebay Nurture : FRACTALS Workshop with Ar. Takbir Fatima

  An initiative by Cindrebay School of Design, Cindrebay Nurture aims to open up out of the box and creative thinking in students to embed imagination, state of the art knowledge and skills that would guide them to different careers. In order to introduce students to the computational and parametric form of design, Cindrebay Nurture […]

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10 Career Options after becoming an Interior Designer!

Do you dream of becoming a successful professional? Do you dread 9-5 jobs? Are you a creative individual? Do you observe things around you in great detail? Most importantly, do you want to be your own boss?!? Well, then look no further, as we have just the right course and training for you at Cindrebay […]

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