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Architecture and model making : The Belgian approach

For the architect as an individual, a part of their building culture roots are established during the first crucial years of their training period. A big part of the skill set is model making. Although we live an era where there isn’t the slightest thing one is unable to generate digitally, we cannot deny the charms and quality of […]

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Architecture presentation techniques – Breaking down drawing and rendering styles

Most often than not, designers get limited with their presentation styles. Students get trapped in the deadlines, architects get restricted by clients or labors who are going to read the drawings. Architectural representation of an idea is the artistic way of expressing the building. It is to resemble the concept and detail of the actual […]

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The future of interior design

Designers have always been instrumental in pushing the boundaries in technological innovations. For many years, we have seen the design industry evolve, and never before has it been at a faster pace. Each of these innovations have been key in transforming the design world and given interior designers, architects and fashion designers new opportunities to further […]

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Visual Communication for Designers

If I ask you what this is, the majority of you will answer, ‘It’s a Car.’ Some might call it an orange car, a few may say it’s a car on the road, some might even tell me it’s a Lamborghini. However, there is something very basic wrong with that answer. Think harder, think diagonally. […]

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The Void IV: 3D printing workshop

What if? Two words, 6 letters which have haunted human minds since centuries. Scientists and innovators have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of What If? Moms and dads every day in all parts of the world succumb to this word. These 2 words in themselves carry limitless possibilities. What if, humans could fly? What […]

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