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Breaking down Interior Design Mistakes

Getting a space, especially a home designed or renovated is a big deal for a lot of us. Everyone has their own dreams and ideas about their ideal personal space and they want to see these dreams take shape. However, many a times, people face challenges while getting their space done, and this can result […]

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Interior Design – Premium potential career for aspiring students

Choosing a career after High School or after 12th Board Exams in India is tricky business. Most students fall in the trap of herd mentality and end up choosing a stream for which they don’t have aptitude. The old career choosing formula in India; If it’s a boy – Engineer, if it’s a girl – […]

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Why you need an Interior Designer

Spaces literally envelope us, and create a solid refuge around all living and thinking. Thus, it is essential to treat the void that surrounds us beautifully, as well as the facade that covers the void. Confused? In simple terms, not just the exterior of the built form, but also the space within needs a designer’s […]

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