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Steps in Interiors – Play of Levels and Heights in Interior Design

Interior Design or Interior Architecture is multi-faceted. It has many aspects to it,  aesthetically and technically. In the previous blogs, we have discussed lavish sprawling interiors, cozy and tiny spaces, grand staircases, retail, residential and restaurant interiors etc. But, what happens when you mix all the above? When you introduce steps and levels in residential […]

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Amphitheaters – New Public Forums?

Conventionally, Amphitheaters have been an open air theater, freestanding, usually circular, steps leading down to a stage or arena. Amphitheaters, historically were designed for spectator events, such as gladiator fights in Early Rome. They were also used for other sports, public events and performances, like plays and music. Amphitheaters now, have become a new public […]

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