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Why you need an Interior Designer

Spaces literally envelope us, and create a solid refuge around all living and thinking. Thus, it is essential to treat the void that surrounds us beautifully, as well as the facade that covers the void. Confused? In simple terms, not just the exterior of the built form, but also the space within needs a designer’s touch. Let me break down, in 10 simple examples, why everyone needs an interior designer.


Usually people who have smaller areas, in their homes, offices or shops etc. shy away from hiring a designer.

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It is entirely a wrong assumption that tinier spaces don’t have much scope for designing, or can be dealt with by ourselves, or can be just left as is. In fact, smaller spaces need better designers, as the challenge to provide comfort and beauty in a compact place is more. A designer is best suited to accommodate all your activities and ease your space, by dealing with it more technically and creatively. He can tell you how to use every inch, and thus maximise the space to its full potential.

The example of capsule hotels, or take away restaurant booths and even porta toilets is a good one to use, as it shows that even the tiniest of places can used efficiently and beautifully. SO, in case you are dealing with cramped spaces, it’s time to talk to an INTERIOR DESIGNER.


When it comes to a theme, a designer can guide you best about everything related from trends, materials, concepts, construction and cost.

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Themed spaces have been a big rage, not just for restaurants, hospitality or homes, but even for offices, schools, and shops and public places. A theme requires brilliant ideas, imagination, creative thinking, a lot of technical know how in order to achieve fine details and a knack for all things unique. Who better than an Interior Designer to assist with this entire process.

Choosing the right accessories, lights, soft furnishing, art work and quirks is as important as space designing in order to get the theme working. Clubs like Social, boutique hotels, playschools are a good example for themed spaces done right by INTERIOR DESIGNERS.


The most part of an average human’s day goes in doing work, or being productive in some way. But to be able to carry out tasks, efficiently and accurately, a good work space is of utmost importance.

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Offices, kitchens, factories, malls, and basically any space has to be useful. Finding and organizing things should be simple, elegant and in a way that it reduces time and effort. A designer knows the perfect heights, standards and method activities should be designed to get the best out of the space and also make it look and feel good.

A productive place is nothing if it doesn’t create the right vibe for work. Incorrect planning, wrong use of colors, wrong shapes, materials and decor can affect mood and thus hinder productivity. Hiring a designer, to fashion your efficient spaces, even something as little as a private study table or personal library is a good idea.


Everything you use or buy, says something about you. And what do you use more than spaces? If we spend hours choosing a new shirt, or ordering something at a hotel, why not spend right time, energy and money in customising and buying what you really want in your space?

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Designers work with clients to identify their wants and needs, and recognise their taste, likes and dislikes. He then formulates a design which is unique for his customer’s preferences and use. For an item we use almost every minute, like a home, office and for spaces where we want to feel most comfortable like a toilet or a family lounge, it is important that it be to one’s satisfaction.

Designers go far as to know the personality of every member of the family to design their own rooms. They incorporate inputs and suggestions from their client’s palette in every project, so that each space is tailor made for the user.


Even though we all want all the possible luxuries in the world, and things done a certain way, the reality is everyone has a budget.

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Contrary to the notion, the tighter the budget, the more you need a designer. It is their job to see that you spend your money wisely, on things that you require more than things you would want, they can suggest different materials, or ideas to replace the more expensive ones you may have, and can get you sweet deals. They would also know, where to expand more budget, where to contract it, so that a good balanced output is achieved.

A layman, may end up wasting money in space design and renovation, as he won’t have the right knowledge to get things built, nor where to procure material, how not to waste space, and which materials are best suited  for what. A designer can work around a budget, to give the client their best product.


Designing does not only encompass the beauty and the look of a space, but also the various technical services such as lighting, electrical planning, plumbing, ventilation, cooling, etc.

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The importance of well-lit spaces, and having the right switch at the right distance cannot be emphasized. A layman doesn’t have the expertise to plan and organize all these services efficiently in an area, and might end up sabotaging the space, or face problems in the future when the ill planned services start to fall apart.

Interior Architecture, is all about making life easy, by allocating sufficient space, and proper looping of all services. A space, however attractive, cannot function if it’s too hot, or too stinky, or too dark. Hospitals, schools, auditoriums, homes, hotels etc. are examples where one cannot do without an Interior Designer.


Good taste, good judgement of colors, the right materials and most importantly correct layout and planning is essential to make any space a success.


A designer is at par with all these aspects and strives to give you a space you can love and admire. He/She can make a space ‘look’ expensive, without draining your pockets, has the right contacts to get you all the contractors and labours, knows where to shop for what items and can score good deals and discounts, get the work done quickly and accurately and assist you in every step of the way of designing the place. By hiring a designer, one can save lot of money by reducing wastage, reducing stress and reducing the time required to complete the site.

The designer’s fee, is NOT an extra expenditure, in fact, it is an investment towards a good space, which will serve you for years, efficiently and aesthetically.

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