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When imparting the knowledge about the aesthetics of Interior Designing, you’ll agree that we got to be super meticulous. Designing is art and art is different from any other stream of studies. At Cindrebay, we have diligently crafted our courses to cater to the artistic challenges of Interior Designing and to mould our students to become successful professionals in the industry.


We constantly upgrade our curriculum to include inputs from experts in the field. Apart from that we regularly organize seminars and workshops to keep abreast with the newest trends which our students must know.





Diploma in Interior Design and Space Management

As you get into the groove of being a professional designer, you see things differently, start creating new environments and create a whole new world of space. Here is a brief overview of our flag-ship course ' Diploma in Interior Design and Space Management ' ( Duration 12 months. )


Course curriculum covers:
  • Basic Interior Designing
  • Advanced Interior Designing
  • Construction & Materials 
  • Geometrical Designing 
  • Furniture Design 
  • Computer Aided Designing
  • Climatology
  • Art, Architecture and Craft Landscaping
  • Design Management
  • Professional Practice
  • Interior Design Project work
The aim of this course is to:
  • Help you understand and appreciate space utilization
  • Develop sound skills for planning interiors considering furniture, furnishings and architectural construction
  • Learn to combine line, form, texture, color, scale, emphasis, unity, style and balance
  • Elevates student’s ability to develop innovative solutions through with high degree of practical, technical and creative skills

Associate Diploma Course in Interior Design

This is a 12 month Course we conduct at our campus in association with RHODEC International of UK. This interior design and decorating course is a thorough introduction to the subject, comprising 12 detailed lessons with accompanying assignments. Through colour illustrations and worksheets this course will teach you what you need to know to get a foot on the education and career ladder. The course curriculum covers elements of principles of design, detailed colour theory - including full development of colour schemes; materials such as wood, stone, metal, glass, et al.

The aim of the course is to:
  • Help know how to present sample boards
  • Teach the basics of measuring rooms and estimating materials quantities
  • Develop an understanding about simple plans and elevations
  • Give insight into decorative paint finishes; planning rooms and soft furnishings - textiles, window treatments, upholstery, carpets, internal fittings, lightings etc


Quality Improvement Program for Practicing Interior Designers (QUIPID)

With the intent to help practicing Interior Designers keep abreast with the new developments and trends in the industry, the course is continually updated and QUIPID puts the designers into the mode of constant learning. This ensures that their professional knowledge is sharpened and never allowed to rust. Cindrebay also acts as a platform where Designers interact and share their experiences. 

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design: Specialization Courses

Honing the skills of interior designers further, Cindrebay offers specialization in various areas of Interior Designing. You can choose your area of interest from our whole gamut of our specialty courses ranging from kitchen design, bath design, interior acoustics, interior lighting, Security and surveillance, to Television, Film and Theatre set designing. You get an in-depth learning focus your profession. This course is for everyone who wants to give that extra touch of professionalism to their interior design knowledge.

By taking up this course you:
  • Learn the intricacies of each segment of interior designing according your interest and talent
  • Advance your stature as specialized interior designer
  • Focus your talent onto a niche area and hone your skills
  • Gain an competitive edge and establish yourselves


The course spans across a period of 6 months and on completion you shall receive a certificate of merit.

Special Training Program on Materials used in Interior Designing

This course is designed for practicing designers who want to keep pace with the new developments in the materials used in Interior Designing. Most designers are preoccupied with their work that they miss out important information and updates in the industry. Cindrebay’s special training bridges this gap and introduces the designers to the most modern materials, processes and technology. Seminars are organized by manufacturing companies introducing and demonstrating new products and methods. You can register with Cindrebay as a member of our Designer’s Club and attend these trainings for free.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme for Designers

Your creative skills need to be pepped up with some strong business skills and entrepreneurial skills to help you succeed as an independent interior Designer. Keeping this in mind, we provide this course to strengthen the entrepreneur in you.

The course covers:
  • Basics of project planning
  • Capital budgeting
  • Financial and cost accounting
  • Business communication
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Essential laws and regulations relating to the profession of Interior Designing


Home Care and Design for the Home Maker

On a different note, Cindrebay addresses the talent and creativity of home-makers. Home is where the heart is and the home-maker is the most natural interior designer. We have devised this course to give a professional touch to the home-maker’s designing skills. The course duration spans 5 months and on completion, you will be able to take up mini projects and professionally design your own home and work spaces.




Our exhaustive curriculum is a promising step toward your successful career as a designer. Join us to launch yourself!


You can also directly contact us and enroll yourself. If you need anymore clarifications, read our FAQs, or you can write to us at  





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