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Photography Contest at Cindrebay Calicut

October 2016

Alfred Stieglitz, the American photojournalist internationally recognized as the pioneer of modern photography had this to say about the art of taking pictures, “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

As young, up and coming Architecture and Design students, it becomes imperative to grasp that subtle reality hidden in everyday objects. Seeing the hidden, observing the almost unobservable and identifying the unseen is what makes an architect or a designer a cut above the rest.  Cindrebay School of Design is always on the quest to incorporate teaching mechanisms that encourages students to grasp that fleeting modicum of a distinctive feature; thereby making their work stand apart.

Keeping this mind, the Institute organised a photography competition titled ‘Freeze the Emotion’.  The competition held on October 18, required students to go out in the streets of Calicut and take pictures of everyday objects and people.  However, the caveat was that the picture should portray something different and unique. It should be able to communicate an emotion or a story of either the person or the object being shot. The competition saw an active participation of 15 students. The students were given an option to use either an SLR Camera or their smartphones in case a camera was not available. 

Read more about the contest on our blog

Workshop on Cardboard furniture

June 2016

“Go Green” the mantra in today’s world, has attracted many a responsible citizens. One such responsibility that we hold as architects and designers is to use and reuse the available resources. This idea led to the two day workshop conducted at Cindrebay School of Interior Design, Calicut in June 2016.

The first day of the workshop focused on the basics of design and gave the students an understanding of various aspects to be considered while designing a piece of furniture. The second day started with a an overflow of design ideas, the students all too eager to make something useful for the school such as storage units, shoe racks, chairs and display units.

The collective efforts of all the students resulted in simple and useful furniture made out of cardboard boxes and tubes which otherwise would have ended up in recyclable scrap.

The students learnt and understood the use of various joints, strengths and weakness of a material, how to use a material in the best possible way and also displayed wonderful skillsets of presentation i.e not just making the furniture useful but also making it look pleasing and attractive.

The workshop was a productive one, involving the use of new and simplistic ideas and following the mantra- “Go Green”.

The Best of Interior Design Education Arrives in Thiruvananthapuram

May 2016

Cindrebay School of Interior Design, leading design School in Kerala, is now opening its wing in Thiruvananthapuram. Cindrebay has been nurturing interior design aspirants in the state for the past ten years. The demand for its good quality design education has been on the rise. To meet this growing demand, the School which is headquartered in Kozhikode, is opening several new branches across Kerala. Cindrebay launched its branch in Kannur recently which has seen an overwhelming response from students.

Until now, Cindrebay has been functioning in the northern parts of Kerala. The Institute has consistently received requests from the students in the South of Kerala for a facility closer home. We had no reason to not come to Thiruvananthapuram! And we made sure we make the best design education available in the capital city. We have collaborated with leading interior designers, architects and the building/construction community to bring our students a comprehensive and intensive curriculum. Our faculty carry rich experience in the industry and our teaching methodology believes in experiential learning. Our commitment to give maximum exposure to the industry is matched with real life projects and internships. We have also facilitated our Thiruvananthapuram center with state of the art design lab with the latest software technologies used in the design world.

Cindrebay begins with the launch of three Interior Design courses in Trivandrum

  • BSc Interior Design - Duration 3 Years
  • Diploma in Interior Design - Duration 1 Year
  • PG Diploma in Interior Design - Duration 1 Year

We will be adding more specializations to our course offerings very soon. We are also gunning at providing various short term courses that can be of value to anyone who is interested in Interior Design.

The Cindrebay School of Interior Design is located at the heart of the city in Vazhuthacaud. As the city is bustling with the IT industry, aspirational lifestyle is on the growth path. The scope for interior Design is also growing. Students can find the best of career opportunities within and outside Kerala. We have a placement support team that has successfully placed all our students in reputed companies. Cindrebay is also proud to have produced some of the best Interior Designers who have launched themselves as independent designers.

So, make the most of the opportunity that Cindrebay School of Interior Design in bringing your way. Our launch at Thiruvananthapuram could be your big ticket to a great career in Interior Design.

Cindrebay Launches Fashion Design Courses in Kannur

April 2016

Cindrebay School of Fashion and Interior Design is expanding its course offer to include Fashion Designing Courses in Kannur. It has initiated with Diploma Course in Fashion designing, Graduate/Post graduate courses and other short term certificate course in Fashion Designing. Students may enroll from this June at its campus in Kannur.

Cindrebay has been working with the Design Industry and more closely with skilled design professionals, slowly adding up courses from all domains that comes under the spectrum of design. As per the Cindrebay principles, it follows the curriculum based learning offering excellent industrial exposure to the aspirants. The students will also benefit with the management, commercial and other related business skills, making them a confident pack of skills and expertise ready for the industry - be it to work in an organization, start their own business or be a celebrity in the Fashion Designing market!

Fashion designing courses offered at Cindrebay:

  • B.Sc. Costume and Fashion Design (3 Years)
  • Diploma in Fashion Design (14 Months)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design (14 Months)
  • And Various other Certificate and Short Term Courses in Fashion Design

Ms Manjusha Sanjeev, branch coordinator at Cindrebay says, “Besides the prime objective of producing qualified Fashion designers, we go for producing highly skilled and professionally outstanding Fashion Designers with rich caliber to meet excellence in their career”.

The faculty members at Cindrebay are skilled as well as updated regularly to catch up with the current trends of the industry and to groom their students for leading the competitive industrial move. The teaching methodology allows students to understand design concepts through lectures, seminars, hands-on studio interaction, market research, group studies, practical workshops and projects.

Cindrebay has been incepted in 2006, by team of design professionals to ensure the best design courses to be available to aspiring designers and other design enthusiasts. The institute has been flourishing with its motive on offering the best skills needed by the trade to survive and succeed in the industry for lifetime- far from the time of course completion. The institute was first set up in Calicut, but later it was expanded with its Branches in Bangalore and Kannur and Trivandrum.


Workshop on Window Coverings and Origami at Cindrebay Calicut

7,8 March 2016

For the students of design, workshops are as important as the curriculum as it helps the students get introduced to ideas and work hands on with them. Keeping this in mind Cindrebay School of Interior Design conducts frequent workshops for all its students.

In March we conducted a two days’ workshop on window coverings and Origami for our Interior Design Diploma and PG Diploma students. This was a fusion of two topics that helped students dig their creative minds. Window coverings is a topic which is very important for the students as its knowledge can be directly implemented in their design, whereas Origami, a Japanese form of paper art gives an insight of how creatively we can use paper only and can create a full proof design solution.

One the first day we started the workshop with a presentation that focused on the needs of window coverings, types and applications, various materials and their uses. The presentation mainly focused on internal face of window and their coverings. Next we introduced the Japanese art, Origami through pictures, videos and some handmade stuff done by us. It looked so interesting and fun that the students were all set with their creative minds on. We then explained the workshop assignment, where every group of students of 4-5 were asked to pick a window and were asked to make window covering using paper with ideas of Origami. The idea was to limit/control sunlight and its glare inside the classroom but to keep the breeze and the view. The students equipped themselves with cardboards, color papers, ohp sheets and other stationary to start the work. Every group was asked to come up with ideas that were functional and served the purpose for the next day’s project. The faculty members guided the students in analyzing their thoughts and designs.  

On day two, the students brought designs and sketches and then discussed within their team and with a few hours of hard work, each group covered the windows assigned to them different designs. They presented good ideas and designs that were functional and aesthetic. The faculty reviewed every group and gave ideas and feedback. The students learnt and enjoyed and also made their classrooms more beautiful. Every workshop is always a learning process for us too. The workshop was a success mainly because of the students and their desire to walk the extra mile and learn.

Cindrebay Opened Its Branch Campus in Kannur (North Kerala)

15 May 2015

A branch campus of Cindrebay's School of Interior Design has been opened in Kannur, offering professional as well as short term courses in interior designing. The classes will begin from July 6th 2015.

Cindrebay, as is popularly known for its brand identity of being the leader in the niche of interior designing, has been operating in Kozhikode and Bangalore. Taking into consideration on the fact of a large number of students travelling from North Kerala, Cindrebay has wisely opened a branch campus in Kannur for the convenience of geographically far placed students towards North of Kerala.

The branch has been opened at CCRB Complex, in Mele Chovva and is providing the same set of facilities as has been doing at other branches. The courses offered here are as follows

  1. Bachelor of Inteiror Design
  2. Diploma in Interior Design and Space Management
  3. Short Duration & Specialisation Programmes in Interior Design
  4. Diploma in Fashion Design and Boutique Management

With well-designed curriculum and advanced courseware, Cindrebay stands tall among other institutions offering similar courses on the same domain. The school is proud to have qualified faculty and Intensive coaching along with the best infrastructure facility that fits to meet any parents’ or students’ dreams and requirement based on an institution.

Kannur being a location known for art and architecture, Cindrebay is an inviting career home for aspiring professionals as well as housewives who hold an inner passion in interior designing and decoration. Of course, unlike other courses, Interior design is a unique domain that is appealing to anyone with a dream of a beautiful home or an accomplishing career built upon one’s own creativity.

Workshop on 'Landscaping'

March 28th 2015 at Cindrebay Calicut

A workshop on Landscaping was conducted for our diploma students on Saturday 28th March 2015.  The idea was to introduce to the students the concept of Landscaping. Gone are the days when landscaping was strictly confined to the outdoors; these days the most successful interior designs have almost always incorporated environmental friendly aspects-thereby enhancing the scopes of landscaping.


The workshop was organized for one day. A presentation-cum-interaction session covered the first half of the day, which included diverse aspects in a basic overview-landscape design, steps in Design Process, examples and implementations. Each element was detailed and elaborated to make the students understand and grasp the basics in a way that those could be implemented practically.

The latter half of the day was devoted to an on-field landscape designing assignment. For the same, the venue selected was Sarovaram Park, Calicut since one had to take the summer humidity into consideration. The students were asked to design a restaurant seating in 15’ x 30’ area in a naturally available setting on 1:1 scale, using naturally available resources at hand. The catch in this project was, landscaping element had to be included to the maximum possible limit. The students were divided into groups of 5 to 9 and soon finalized the themes, styles and designs for their sketches. They used naturally occurring forest materials such as figs, leaves and the likes for demarcation and representative purposes. After two hours of detailing and setting up of their respective designs using anthropometric measurements, they were able to showcase their landscaping designs, thereby gaining insight and hands-on experience on how landscaping concepts can practically be put into practice. The designs were then reviewed by Ar. Anuradha Menon, Ar. Sangeeta Kumri and Ar. Nivedita Meher.


Overall, the experience proved to be an enriching learning experience for the budding designers as they got an exposure to landscaping and its Design Process.

A workshop on Lighting

August 29, 30, 2014

"Light” the source of vision when used tastefully in space designing can create wonders. The two days’ workshop on Lighting and light fixtures conducted at Cindrebay on 29th and 30th of August 2014 aimed at providing the aspiring Interior Designers with this knowledge.  The workshop provided a thorough understanding of this vast topic on the first day in the form of a presentation followed by designing and creating unique light fixtures individually by each student on the second day.


Natural light, Artificial light, Orientation of buildings, sources and types of artificial lighting and light fixtures constituted the presentation. Colours and their effects on moods created in the interior spaces was discussed in detail. Pros and cons of lighting design were evaluated in terms of aesthetics, appeal, functional use, type of lighting and Economy - one of the important factors driving our Nation's growth. A one to one interaction with the students was held during this session, in the form of Q&A. Practical assignments were given at the end of the day to access each students understanding.


On the second day a talk by a professional from one of the leading companies of LED lights was organised to help the students understand the market and technical specifications involved in lighting sources. While designing the light fixtures, recyclable products and materials like bottles, cardboards, tissue paper, plastic cups, and fabrics etc., which are readily available at home were encouraged.  A competition was held while designing the light fixtures and students shared their ideas with one another through short individual presentations. The outcome in the design sense was phenomenal with each student detailing out every aspect of thought process behind the end product. Overall, the workshop succeeded in its aim of spreading the awareness of each students potential to design and create new products in the field of lighting and become sound sustainably by using recyclable materials

"Why Interior Design" - A seminar by Dr Janis Naha Sajeed

July 19, 2014

Cindrebay believes in shaping the dreams of its students in the right way and its alumni stand as testimonials in themselves. One amongst them is Dr.Janis Naha Sajeed, owner of  360 degrees Interior firm and upholstery fabrics shop Art legends, Calicut. She won her first accolade right in her student days, when she designed her cousin’s home and won award in non-formal category. On 19th July 2014, Cindrebay conducted a seminar on “why interior design?” with Ms. Janis as  the speaker. The audience comprised of students from all the batches and the session highlighted the current scopes and prospects in the interior design industry. Students felt encouraged all the more since they were being addressed by a Cinderpreneur. Ar.Brijesh.K ,an associate architect in NHD Studio,addressed the students in the afternoon session regarding carpentry joineries. Both sessions were quite engaging throughout.

Cindrebay - Malayala Manorama seminar on Interior Design

July 12, 2014

The best institute for Interior Design in Kerala and the largest circulating news paper in Kerala came together to organise a one day seminar on the prospects of learning Interior Design and also choosing it as a career.  Cindrebay School of Interior Design in association with  Malayala Manorama, organised a one day seminar on the topic - "Interior Design As a Career Choice" on 12th July,2014 at Hotel Degrand, Calicut, Kerala. It witnessed refreshingly interactive sessions between the audience and the speakers - Ar. Sandhya and Ar.Brijesh Shaijal, who are well-known names in the architecture and Design industry. The enthusiasm and curiosity of the audience were met by earnest responses by the speakers alike. This seminar proved to be an ice-breaker between the current design industry and common people, thereby encouraging budding talents to seriously pursue their interests in interior designing and architecture.

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