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Opportunities in Interior Design

As you contemplate and analyze to find your prospects in Interior Designing, let’s try to investigate the industry, its opportunities, challenges, and finally help you make your career choice.

Is Interior Designing here to stay?

It is a flamboyant industry. The demand for interior designers has multiplied and the demand is still much more than the supply. In short, interior designers are hot property. Commercial interior designing is booming with a tremendous change in the way people do business. Companies are more and more conscious about their brand identity and their interiors are significant ambassadors of this identity. The interiors reflect the character of a company and are entrusted with the responsibility to make a mark in the minds of the company’s prospective customers. Most organizations believe in presenting a fresh look to their customers and keep changing their interiors regularly.

Residential interior designing has gained a new momentum with the urban population growing big time. The trend doesn’t seem in any hurry to become negative. In a nutshell, it is opportunities galore for any talented interior designer!

Moreover, being the glamorous and lucrative profession that it is, Interior Designing has been an attractive career option for a lot of aspirants.

Where can I get placed?

  • Builders
  • Promoters
  • Hotels in the project department
  • Advertising agencies
  • Construction firms
  • Paint companies - as colour consultants / executives
  • Architectural firms
  • Interior Designer firms
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Corporate groups and apex bodies under the ministry of Housing
  • Multinationals in their in-house Architectural departments
  • Faculty in teaching establishments 

What kind of people is the industry looking for?

The buzz word is creativity – creativity stands as the single biggest talent that any aspiring interior designer should posses. You need to have an artistic and creative mind with a flair for creating great living spaces. Here are some more qualities which go into the making of a good designer:

  • Fresh artistic flair
  • Experience
  • Passion and innovation
  • Business skills

What are the Challenges?

There’s no kick in a profession without challenge, right? You evolve yourself with every challenge you face and conquer. So be game as you choose your career in interior designing.

Match the Pace
One of the biggest challenges that you’ll face is that the industry is by itself evolving and changing at an unbelievable pace. You have new materials, new techniques surfacing every other day. And of course more professionals are entering the field. Your challenge here is to persistently keep abreast with this pace.

The Balancing Act - You will have to learn to balance creativity and its practical application. What might seem to be a beautiful idea might not be a realistic. You need to determine the usability and utility of what you design from an end user perspective. This knack will come to you with your professional training and practical experience.

Business Skills – Intend to become an independent interior designer? Creativity, leadership, forethought, tact, entrepreneurial skills and the list goes on. In a nutshell you’ve got to be a creative person and a business man. Quite a challenge! But if you are someone who loves to stretch your limits and explore your possibilities, then Interior Designing is the right arena for you.

Decision Maker - You are a decision maker. Colours, materials, furniture, fittings and much more need your attention, choice and decision making skills. You will have to juggle with multiple tasks keeping cost effectiveness in mind.

What are the areas I can specialize in?

  • Corporate space designing
  • Television, film, theatre set designing
  • Event stages and stadiums
  • Kitchen and bath
  • Colour consultant or Colour forecaster
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Shopping malls and supermarkets
  • Interior acoustics
  • Interior lighting
  • Security and surveillance
  • Historic preservation and restoration
  • Interior Design Journalism – as Writer

Take the plunge

Does Interior Designing sound like the career you want to find yourself in? Take the plunge.

Interior Designing is of course majorly about your creativity, but it needs to be chiseled and channelized. As an Interior designing school, Cindrebay assists aspirants in moulding their career, finding their niche area in designing and equip them to meet the challenges of the industry. Know more about our courses. Contact us to enroll with Cindrebay.

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