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Placement Support at Cindrebay

We are a good Professional School, only if we make a Professional out of you!

We are clear about one thing, our training has to impart you with skills that can empower you as a professional. When it comes to being skilled in a profession that you are passionate about, there’s no stopping you. So we did what would make our job of finding you a job easy – made our interior design training extensive, intensive and experience oriented. And this ensures that you have all the skills so that no employer can deny you a job or there will be nothing that’s stopping you becoming an entrepreneur in interior design.

How does Cindrebay achieve near complete placement of its students?

Firstly, the student-industry nexus is established at a much earlier stage with our internship programmes. Many of our students get absorbed into the organizations where they undergo their internships.This makes internships the most efficient job placement feeder for Cindrebay. 


Secondly, we take all our efforts to bring design houses and builder corporates to our Institute for their hiring needs. Must say we have forged some really strong relationships with companies who hire our students on a regular basis. These companies have supported the School in its academics as well. And every year we add on to our basket of good hiring companies. When we say ‘good’ hiring companies, we mean – companies that offer you a job that’s challenging, where you have the prospect to grow and which are lucrative.So rest assured about our skills in bringing you the right opportunities. We also have been able to place our students abroad, especially in Middle Eastern countries. We are happy to have a good number of our alumni working in international design companies.

Support for aspiring Design Entrepreneurs

For the entrepreneurial among you, you wouldn’t have to look far for mentorship. Cindrebay assures you maximum support and guidance in setting up your own interior design business and launching yourself. Though the ratio of students who opt for job placements versus the entrepreneurs is less, we make sure that we kindle some spark in the students to start on their own - if not immediately after the course,at a later stage even.

Placement cell support for external students 

In the recent years, our placement cell has become so dynamic that we have expanded our placement services to external interior design students as well. Our industry partners have a strong intake ratio which the strength of the School isn’t able to match. (Yes, we need to expand to taking in more students, but there’s a debate on whether that would compromise on the attention we are giving our students. That’s another discussion though.) This high demand for interior design experts made us open our Placement Wing to students from other Institutes with exceptional skills and high performance record. Interested in our graduates? Please contact our placement officer at


Placement Highlights

  • Track record of near 100% placement @ Cindrebay School of Interior Design
  • High rate of absorption by companies that offer internships to our students 
  • Being a top rated institution among builders and architectural houses Cindrebay students get preference for jobs
  • Placements with international companies (Includes firms/design houses operating in India and abroad)
  • Track record of producing several design entrepreneurs 
  • Placement cell support for external students - Dedicated placement officer to co-ordinate campus placements

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