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Why Cindrebay

Why choose Cindrebay for your Interior Design or Fashion schooling?

Numerous analytical points come to your mind when you are at the crossroads to make a decision. Here at this juncture when you are getting ready to choose your design school, let’s help you reason out if Cindrebay is the right place for you. Here are eight questions that we have answered about our Institute to help you make your choice where you want to pursue your design education.


1) What is the track record of Cindrebay?

Ten years and a thousand plus successful alumni – That’s putting it in simple terms on what we have achieved. We are happy to have gained the knowledge and skills in imparting the best interior design education over the last decade. We have students who are placed in reputed design houses and also have quite a few students who chose to be entrepreneurs in this field. Here are a few important highlights of Cindrebay,

2) How much of industry exposure does the school offer?

If you ask us for one thing that makes us really proud about our school, it is the industry exposure that we give our students. Summer and winter internships, apprenticeship during the course, frequent interaction with experts through seminars and workshops – these are our hallmarks. We have been engaging with international companies for internships for students as well.

3) What will I get to learn?

We expose you to all that it takes from getting your fundamentals right to becoming a thorough interior design professional. The courses offer the technical and creative expertise essential for a professional interior designer. It encompasses an in-depth understanding of space planning, aesthetics, the ways of representing design proposals in terms of technical drawings and finer expressions and putting together integrated design solutions. The courses emphasize on drawing, material application, detailing of design and communication of design ideas. Assessment method involves written tests, practical comprehension, etc., for every module to ensure effective perception of each segment.

4) Does the School offer scope of creative learning?

Make mistakes, shoot the craziest and dumbest of ideas, experiment with the most useless of things – and then, we believe, you become! We will make sure that you face creative challenges every now and then.

5) How much hands on experience will I get?

We believe in this quote, “Some people look for a beautiful place, others make it”. We let you make it all by yourself, learn it all with a touch of adventure and give you all that you need to gain the experience to become a good interior designer. Make it and be it.

6) Does the school offer intensive and inclusive technology based design education?

By now you would know that technology and creative execution are inseparable in interior designing. We take this a little seriously at Cindrebay and have provided a fully equipped design lab with the most advanced design software. Here are the highlights of our technology based design education:

7) What’s the promise on placement?

We are a good professional school, only if we make a professional out of you! Indeed, the placement assistance being offered is one thing that made Cindrebay stand out among its peers in Kerala. Here are some of the highlights of our placement track record.

8) What can we assure you?

And now for the question if Cindrebay is the right school for you.
Cindrebay is for you if:

So, reason it out, make an intelligent choice. We will be happy to have you at Cindrebay!