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Diploma in Interior Design & Space Management

Duration: 18 Months Full Time
Eligibility: 10+2 Level and Above
Intake: 20 Students in a Batch
Location: Calicut, Kannur, Kochi, Trivandrum, Thodupuzha and Nagpur
Diploma awarded by: Cindrebay (Optional Univeristy Diploma from Bharathiar Univeristy)

If you want to be among the ones who make a place aesthetically and functionally beautiful, we can help you become just that. Look at colour, design, space and light from a new perspective. The combination of each of these in creative and innovative ways give life to the most beautiful living spaces. Learn the art and science of interior design at Cindrebay. We bring you Diploma in Interior Design and Space Management.

What do I learn in the course?

The course offers the students the technical and creative expertise essential for a professional interior designer. It encompasses an indepth understanding of space planning, aesthetics, the way of representing design proposals in terms of technical drawings, etc. The course emphasizes on drawing,material application, detailing of design and communication of ideas. Assessment method involves written tests, practical comprehension, etc., for every module to ensure effective perception of each segment. Here’s what Cindrebay’s Diploma in Interior Design & Space Management course offers you:

Basic to Advanced Drawing Concepts (2D and 3D) Interior design Space Planning
Geometrical Design Art, Architecture and Craft
Materials in Interior Elements Colour Concept
Principles & Elements of Design Lighting and Acoustics
Building Construction and Materials Furniture Designing
Landscape Elements & Architecture Energy Conservation and Environmental Studies
Climatology Computer Aided Design
Professional Practice Interior Design Project Work


From concept development to detailed drawings to real life projects – we put you into projects that will help you build yourself as a professional interior designer. The course is intense with practical and experiential learning.

What are the objectives of the course?


Upon successful completion of this course learners with graduate degree will receive 'Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design' and learners with 10+2 or equivalent qualifiation will get 'Diploma in Interior Design' certificate from Karnataka State Open University.

Why is Interior Design Diploma at Cindrebay so different?

How do I Apply?

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