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FAQs on Diploma in Interior Design

Is Cindrebay the right institute for me?

This is a very important question that we encourage our students to ask. The answer is critical for both of us as we believe that our interests should match. If you are someone who is:

  • Serious about a career in interior designing
  • Passionate about being a designer
  • Curious about the art of designing

Then, yes, we are the right institute where your passion will be nurtured to make you a professional. We ensure that we shall provide all support that you will require to take off your career in Interior Designing.

What is the future of this industry? Will I be able to have a successful career?

The industry is at its booming best with designers at demand to make aesthetically appealing living ambiences. From corporate offices, restaurants, resorts, hotels, shopping malls, homes to what not; every possible space of human living requires a designer’s touch. So yes, if you have the creative spark in you, you can definitely make a great career in this field. For more guidance you can contact us.

What certifications do you offer?

We provide Diploma in Interior Design and Space Management (18 months), Bachelor of Interior Design (BID duration 3 Years) and Quality Improvement Program for practicing Interior Designers (QUIPID). Upon successful completion of the BID course you will be awarded a grauate degree fromUniversity of Calicut. For Diploma course the certificatioin is from KSOU. For all short duration courses you will be awarded a Certificate of Merit from the school. You must obtain a minimum pass of 50% in the final examinations which include theory, practical, and design projects.

Why should I join you?

Here are the reasons why Cindrebay should be your institution of choice:

  • Structured course curriculum developed with the inputs of experts in the field
  • Highly experienced faculty
  • On the job training during the course period
  • Emphasis learning and updating on the newest trends in the industry
  • Support and encouragement to students start off as independent designers

When can I start the course?

For Diploma we have a new batch starting every May, August, December, and March. You can register and choose the month for commencing your course. For graduation course, BID the admission happens in the month of June every year. You can contact us for enrolment and our Course Coordinator will brief about the registration process.

Do you offer a full time or part time course?

For Diploma we offer part time courses with classes conducted classes 3 days in a week. For BID you will have classes 5 days a week from 9:30 AM to 1:30PM. We encourage and provide students with opportunities to take up part time jobs with leading architects and designers

What is the course duration?

Our course offering Diploma in Interior Designing and Space Management spans a period of 18 months including optional internship trainning. Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) is having duration of 3 years. Please refer FAQ on BID for more information about Bachelor of Interior Design degree course.

Do you arrange for on the job trainings?

Yes, we do provide on the job trainings. Since we closely work with the industry on the job training are pretty easy to get. We also make sure that the students get good quality projects to work on.

Does Cindrebay provide scholarships for students?

Yes, talented and deserving students are appreciated with scholarships. We believe finance should never be a stumbling block for talent. Also, we arrange financial aid through bank loans for the students.

What educational background should I have to join your course?

You can join us after completing your Plus Two or Higher Secondary education. This is the basic qualification that you need. Since Interior Designing is an art stream, we have students from varied background coming and joining us. We have people from many walks of life who found their calling in Interior Designing come and join us. So background is not a constraint, it is about the innate talent.

I cannot draw. But I do have a taste for interior designing. Will I be able to excel in this career?

A designer does not necessarily have to be good at drawing. The genre of drawing is different here and you surely can excel in this field. It is your creativity that matters. Moreover, computer aided designs have become a designer’s assistant nowadays. So chill, you can make it!

How does Cindrebay ensure my employability?

Our course and approach to training shall ensure that you are well groomed to be a successful Interior Design Professional. We have a dedicated placement cell attached to our campus which actively interacts with the industry and serve as a link between the potential employers and our students. We are planning to regularly arrange for campus recruitments at our campus.

Do you have any center in North Kerala for interior design training? Can the students from Mahe, Thalasserry,  Kannur, Thaliparamba, Payyannur, Irritty areas study interior design at a place close to their home?

Yes. We have addressed this issue by opening our new campus in Kannur. Our students from Kannur and Kasargod areas have been requesting us to start a branch of Cindrebay School of Interior Design in Kannur. Students from Mahe, Thalassery, Vatakara, Payyannur, Irritty, Thaliparamba, Kanhangad and Kasargod can learn interior design from our Kannur center which functions at CCRB Commercial Complex, Mele Chovva. Studying interior design in Kannur is now a lot more easy with Cindrebay now in your home town.


Your institute is in Calicut (Kozhikode), Kannur and Bangalore. Do Calicut and Kannur provide the necessary exposure required for a career in interior designing?

Calicut is one of the prominent cities of Kerala. The city is home for highly prestigious institutions like the IIM Kozhikode and National Institute of Technology (REC). Being the educational friendly city that Calicut is you will not have any difficulty in pursuing your education here. Coming to the exposure in Interior Designing; Calicut has some of the pioneer architects and builders. Similarly Kannur the textile city of Kerla is home to many well known business houses and its NRI population has contributed to its prosperity. The city is growing in leaps and bounds with the  remittiances from hardworking Non Resident Kerlalites aborad. Also, the city’s proximity to Bangalore brings in a lot of opportunities.


What kind of organizations which I be placed into?

You’re being hunted by:

  • Builders
  • Promoters
  • Hotels in the project department
  • Advertising agencies
  • Construction firms
  • Paint companies - as colour consultants / executives
  • Architectural firms
  • Interior Designer firms
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Corporate groups and apex bodies under the ministry of Housing
  • Multinationals in their in-house Architectural departments
  • Faculty in teaching establishments 

 If you have a business trait in you, you can set up your own business or indulge in freelancing.

How can I join you?

You can request for prospectus on receipt of which we shall send the same and take it further from there.

How can I contact you for more details?

If you have questions that are not answered on our website, please feel free to write to us at with your specific enquiries. You may also call us at our number 9895776441


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