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About Cindrebay

Ten Years in Schooling, A Thousand Smiles

It was back in 2006 ​that we, a couple of design enthusiasts, bitten by the sheer passion and love for design, started a design school. We conceptualised and launched Cindrebay in Calicut, our  home​town.​ ​We started off with Interior Design ​education as we saw that ​a large pool of young people needed the right guidance to find a career that ​they ​would fall in love with. Th​us born ​Cindrebay ​School of Interior Design - a medium to fuel a growing industry and an arena to make dreams come true. The Institute began functioning with a Diploma Program in Interior Design and since then has been traveling on a celebrated journey.

Since the time we started off, we have been very clear about certain things. Cindrebay will:

So how do we live up to these defining principles?

A decade in schooling, a thousand students till date

When we started, we knew there’s some success waiting around the corner for us. But we were completely overwhelmed by the raving response that Cindrebay received. We started getting students from across Kerala and design houses were more than happy to intern and absorb our students. We focused on doing good work and until today a 1000 students have graduated from Cindrebay.

The new step – Cindrebay School of Fashion

Our love for design has only grown over the years and it would be a surprise if we didn’t foray into fashion. We put in our thoughts for a fashion design school, critically researched the idea, heard out the views of industry experts and conceptualised a new age fashion school – The Cindrebay School of Fashion. Our outlook for Fashion is young and fresh. We decided we are not going to look at fashion through the conventional lenses. With great love for design, we, together with our students are all set to venture out into the world of fashion and create a new address for ourselves

If you like to make an amazing career for yourself, join us today! You can download our online prospectus and also directly contact us and enroll yourself.

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