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Student Testimonials

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Name : Susheela Prabhakaran
Cindrebay is a place that nurtures creativity by inspiring you to learn and probe deep into the subject of design. Apart from the spirited learning environment, I am thankful for the practical learning through live projects and assignments. The institute offers aspirants keen on a foray into the world of architecture and interior design the scope to learn the techniques and practices in design in an ambiance which nurtures creativity by allowing free will to learn and probe deep into the chartered waters of interior design and architecture.

Name : Revathi TK
Beautiful buildings and well-furnished houses always fascinated me but my love for traveling and meeting new people led me to choose Travel and Tourism for my undergraduate degree. With time, visiting new places and seeing many well designed buildings made me think of interior design as a profession for me. Having found my new interest I realized that I need to learn it from the best institute in Calicut. At Cindrebay, I learnt the art and the science behind creating beautiful places. The School helped me walk the bridge of making a career out of something I always loved.

Name : Shakkira
When I decided to resume my education after a lapse of twenty years, I was rather apprehensive whether I would be in a position to rise up to the challenge. Continued entanglement in daily chores of family life made me complacent and lethargic. How can I now cope with the tribulations of addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and drawing of intricate objects? But, I am proud to say that all my apprehensions were allayed by the teachers here. Timely intervention, personalized attention, individual care etc. by the teachers of CINDREBAY School of interior design is commendable and praise worthy.

Name : Sharbas A
With a dream to become an Interior Designer, I ended up at Cindrebay. When I arrived at Cindrebay I did not have much knowledge about Interior Designing, but the school gave me the opportunities and experiences of a lifetime. An inclusive and fun filled study is given at Cindrebay Cochin and the faculties are very supportive and helpful. The workshops and seminars are much impressive and effective way to gain good knowledge. I will always recommend Cindrebay as in institution to anybody who thinks of pursuing Interior Design seriously as a profession.

Name : Vyshak Ramachandran
I truly loved every minute of this course. I feel the course syllabus is very well put together. It was covering nearly every element of design one might need to know before striking out on their own. I felt the modules challenging, yet our instructors made them easy for us to work through. My teachers provided great support and I learnt even more every time I submitted an assignment or gave a presentation or made a model or took up a workshop. My teachers encouraged me very much which was quite much needed to continue through all the modules and keep working to get better and eventually the best. Cindrebay is one of the best Interior Design School in India.

Name : Sameeha Hyder Ali
Interior Designing is a career that has interested me for years. So I searched for best Interior Design College in Kerala. In that time I got to know about Cindrebay from website. I joined Cindrebay with new hopes and aspirations. I had a glimpse of college life from my brothers and sisters. And I was glad to see that the college presented a different look. It was quite different from what I had seen in and around my school. I found that the method of teaching here is very interesting. The lecturers were friendly. I particularly liked Vipin Sir's and Ram Gopal Sir's classes. Their classes were very interesting and very much helpful.

Name : Ifrat Jahan Sameer
I came to know about Cindrebay from Internet. As my father is an engineer and brother an Architect, I also wanted to be in the same field. So I chose Interior Designing. I am also a usual reader of magazines like Inside Outside, Designer, Vanitha-Veedu etc., for years. It also reinforced my decision to take up interior design for my Bachelors Degree.I had chances to study the topics and softwares from my home itself. But I wanted to get a university degree in Interior Designing from the best Institution itself. I found that Cindrebay is the first school in Kerala which introduced a university bachelor's degree in Interior Designing. I wanted to be a part of it.

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