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Student Testimonials

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Name : Rana Razak
I had this strong desire to be an Interior Designer, when I was in class 11th. My passion for this field kept growing. And when I finished my schooling and had to decide my future, without a second thought, my decision was Interior Designing. I wanted the best institute. And I did find one 'Cindrebay School of Interior Design'. One of the best institutions in Kerala that provide excellent training in Interior designing. The faculty members are well experienced and hard working.

Name : Bijo Valsaraj
Having a dream and getting a right path is difficult. From a B Tech background, I am lucky that I have reached a proper place like Cindrebay to get my dreams see real in my life. My decision to join Cindrebay for my interior design course study was indeed accurate, because I did not want to be 'Just a Designer', something more than that. I am grateful that Cindrebay steered me onto the right track and supporting in making my dreams come true.

Name : Muhammad Shijil
Cindrebay is a great institution that inspired me to channelise my creative vibes into a vocation that I cherish. The faculty and facilities at the institution provided the perfect training that helped me pursue a successful career as a professional interior designer. I will always be grateful to the guidance provided by the institution to have a comprehensive understanding of the interior designing profession both the basics and an innate knowledge about the complexities involved.

Name : Nisha P Chandran
My tutors were knowledgeable and supportive and I got a lot of help from fellow students also. While doing the course I was inspired by the well written and informative modules. As I completed each assignment came positive and encouraging feedback. By the end of the course I was delighted in my sense of accomplishment and I am very proud to be a graduate of Cindrebay. The completion of the course has given me the confidence and credentials. Thank you for a truly rewarding experience and providing me with my new mission to inspire others.My tutors were knowledgeable and supportive and I got a lot of help from fellow students also.

Name : Muhammed Ameesh Ali
When I joined Cindrebay the classes we got were mainly from Ms Anuradha Menon, Mr Rennie Paul and Mr Madhu Menon. Anu madam a graduate in architecture of the prestigious MS University Baroda, demonstrated the knowledge, the teaching standard and the involvement any student would dream of from a teacher. Rennie sir a product of NID Ahmedabad, and with years of experience in furniture design thrilled us with his practice oriented sessions. Madhu sir, a Civil Engineer turned Interior Designer was the star of the pack as he was a source of inspiration for many of us to start our own design ventures after we graduated. Big thanks to all :-)

Name : Swathy Soman
After completing my BE in Civil Engineering I searched online and offline wildly for a good institution in Kerala that would provide excellent training in Interior Designing. My long search ended when I heard about Cindrebay. I made a thorough study about Cindrebay and spoke to a few of its past students. Good syllabus, able and enterprising faculty members and a very delightful environment all worked well for me. The workshops and seminars were very impressive and effective and they helped us gain a lot of good knowledge and stay update with the happenings in the design industry.

Name : Ifrat Jahan Sameer
I came to know about Cindrebay from Internet. As my father is an engineer and brother an Architect, I also wanted to be in the same field. So I chose Interior Designing. I am also a usual reader of magazines like Inside Outside, Designer, Vanitha-Veedu etc., for years. It also reinforced my decision to take up interior design for my Bachelors Degree.I had chances to study the topics and softwares from my home itself. But I wanted to get a university degree in Interior Designing from the best Institution itself. I found that Cindrebay is the first school in Kerala which introduced a university bachelor's degree in Interior Designing. I wanted to be a part of it.

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