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Student Testimonials

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Name : Vyshnav Ram
Basically from Kannur, I had done all my schooling from Dubai. So passionate about Design I searched thoroughly for a top college for interior designing courses in Kerala to do my degree course in Interior Design and give my passion a shape. I came to know that Cindrebay School of Interior Design was there in my own hometown Kannur. Since the very first moment I came to Cindrebay institute I met with nothing but Energy and Enthusiasm. I liked the concept of having a smaller class size because of which we students got more one on one attention from the professors and felt more comfortable speaking in front of others. This school has many opportunities for the students aspiring for a career in design.

All of the teachers are AMAZING!!! I gained the experience and confidence I needed. The friendly attitude of the staff and their willingness to always offer a helping hand made me feel like a part of the Cindrebay Family from the beginning itself.

Name : Dr Janis Naha Sajid
I had the privilege of being the first student of the first batch of Cindrebay Interior Design Institute. We were just 9 students in a batch then for around 6 months till the next batch came to share all the pampering and attention we enjoyed from our beloved teachers. Today the school has grown to be a true kick start home for around 100 students in a year spread along 5 to 6 batches. I would say that Cindrebay is a perfect start to guide you throughout your career and definitely it is one the best interior design institutes in Kerala. I should specially mention the Cindrebay team which sincerely imparts strong fuel to drive every new comer s dreams ahead and definitely they give you that personal care we all need to take our goals far .

I honestly wish every student a successful career, but folks don't forget that you have miles and miles to go before you sleep.

Name : Sreeja Narayanan
Being a BSc Nursing graduate and spending almost 5 years as a labour room tutor, it was a big creative boost when I got the opportunity to pursue my dream of being an interior designer. Cindrebay Interior Designing College in Kochi offers unlimited scope of enhancing the attributes that contribute to being a successful Interior Designer. The faculty members are exceptionally hardworking and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that each student is exposed to all available opportunities for development of designing and communication skills. A special word of praise for all the workshops being arranged that provide first hand take on many design aspects. I take immense pride in being a Cindrepreneur.

Name : Muhammed Salihe
Ending up in good coaching is very hard. You have many interior design institutes and courses and many offers to entice you. My case was also the same. One of my friends helped me in getting the details of Cindrebay Institute, as one of his friends was an ex-student of the college and had good opinion about it. After searching many schools, I finally selected Cindrebay College of Interior Designing and now I feel very happy to have taken the right decision. I received all kinds of support from Cindrebay and the exclusive course modules designed by them gave us all that were required for a professional diploma course in interior design.

Name : Jaseem Shafsad
From my childhood I was interested in 'Design'. I couldn't join Architecture and was graduated in Electrical Engineering. Desire to become an Interior Designer made me do much enquiries about the courses and institutes available and my interaction with other students made me realize that they get only softwares in the name of Interior Designing. My journey ended up in Cindrebay (now in Kochi also) when I was reasonably satisfied with the feedback from the students there. After my admission, few months later, I realized that I got what I exactly I wanted. My PG Diploma programme was rich with enough site visits, case studies, workshops, seminars etc.

Name : Rajshree Sunil
After my twelfth, I was determined to join for Interior Design. But was a bit confused as where to pursue from? Choosing Cindrebay was one of the best decisions I made in my life - a great place to grow as a Designer, giving an artistic approach to my passion. The college molded us for great heights of achievements in the industry, with enough exposure and activities. The friendly atmosphere, creative workshops, assignments, case studies had always helped me to gain much.

Name : Arjun Mohanan
I am a B-Tech Graduate, who struggled to find happiness in a technology career. My passion was is designing and discovering new things. I wanted to learn more about designing but couldn't find any top college for interior design that suits my needs. I visited many institutes but it is only in Cindrebay (Cochin) that I found keen interest in imparting valuable design education. Each day at the institute is an experience of endless learning and growing.

Name : Sana Abdul Rahiman
I am a Civil Engineer who wanted to explore interior design as an interest. But then Cindrebay transformed me from someone who was just interested to someone who is obsessed with design. Taught, guided, encouraged and inspired by the faculty, I feel prepared for a great career.

Name : Jaison Joseph K
I am a BSc Nursing graduate who gave up a promising career because of my passion for interior design. I chose Cindrebay after doing extensive research. The institution made me feel right about taking the risk of changing my career. The faculty are supportive, the curriculum sharp and the exposure simply great. . I thank Cindrebay for trying their best to expose the students to new world of design where one lives with the passion.

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