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Homes you would love to quarantine in!

Quarantine amidst the Corona virus pandemic is something we are still coming to terms with. Social distancing, self isolation, stay at home are terms you would’ve heard on loop in recent times. To say it is difficult to be holed up at home with no human interaction is the understatement of the century. However, it is important to do so to flatten the corona virus curve and give respite to the hospitals and medical facilities in the country. Needless to say, the World will never be the same again after this crisis is over. Architects and designers will reinvent home design to suit the new world. Health aspects, greens, sustainability, generating interest and safety from calamity will be parameters which govern future homes. Today, let’s discuss some amazing homes you would love to be quarantined in!


A perfect way to distance yourself from the world, this tree house in the enchanted forest in Canada is straight out of a fairytale. Surrounded by nature, amidst the calls of the birds, wouldn’t you love to be isolated here? This 3 storey wooden house with a winding staircase to the top makes for an interesting aesthetic and serves as an escape from the busy world.

3 storey treehouse in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada
3 storey treehouse in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada


Hidden underneath a cave, this modern house is a perfect place to hole up. The fusion of the raw cave ceiling and modern living amenities makes it special. The fenestration in the facade provides daylight and views to nature and the natural stone ceiling makes the house invisible to the world. With moss grown stone passages, play of levels in the interior and shadows cast by the cave ceiling, this home is not only an architectural feat, but a place for solitude!

Cave House, Festus, Missouri - USA
Cave House, Festus, Missouri – USA


This modern house with a spillover landscape, pool and deck is the perfect hide-out. A combination of private spaces and open settings ensures distance from people, yet reminds the people there’s a world outside. The giant sloping roof and the garden deck provides respite from the sun without blocking the breeze and ventilation.

Eco-Friendly Modern House by Sanzpont Arquitectura in Puerto Cancun - Mexico
Eco-Friendly Modern House by Sanzpont Arquitectura in Puerto Cancun – Mexico


Designed by Felipe Assadi Architects, this massive concrete mansion overlooking the sea is the perfect abode for self isolation. The cantilevered decks project from the slope of a hill and rests in the landscape as if becoming a part of it. The house rests one four major walls, carving out enough space for family activities like a swimming pool, garden and terraces.

House H by Felipe Assadi Architects in Zapallar - Chile
House H by Felipe Assadi Architects in Zapallar – Chile
House H by Felipe Assadi Architects in Zapallar - Chile
House H by Felipe Assadi Architects in Zapallar – Chile


This incredible interior space, allows an uninterrupted work from home setting. The height is used intelligently to create a library, accessible with a ladder and the circular space is designed to have plenty of storage, work tops and relaxing nooks. Minimalist boho-chic decor enlivens the space further.

Interesting Work from home setting


Inward looking or courtyard houses are suitable for private as well as family time. This mountain home designed by JLF Architects, lets the outdoors seep inside, with spillover decks, windows and lush greens. The stone walls and the beautiful pond add an element of zen, which is much needed in times of quarantine.

Mountain retreat home in Wyoming by JLF Architects
Mountain retreat home in Wyoming by JLF Architects


Built over a natural stream, this hanging house with a thatched roof is an envious setting for nature lovers. Open completely from either side to make the most of the view, it has a special swing feature for intimate family time, away from the chaotic world.

Hanging House
Hanging House


The concept of Earthship homes is gaining traction in these difficult times. A completely self-sufficient, self powered house, this Earth ship in New Zealand is beautiful, functional and provides a safe haven in times of social distancing. The earthy colors interrupted by natural greens and huge windows looking outside, brings life to this home.

Earthship Home, Waikato, New Zealand
Earthship Home, Waikato, New Zealand

We at Cindrebay wish for the health and safety of our students, patrons and readers. We hope you are taking appropriate measures to stay safe and strong during these difficult times. Let’s hope this Pandemic ends soon and pledge to be and do better after its over.

Author: Jamila Sidhpurwala

Jamila is one part artist, two parts foodie, and all parts traveler. She is a patron of good art and design and loves to immerse herself in books and music. Simplicity and minimalism is her motto as an architect. A writing enthusiast, she surrounds herself with all things creative. She actively shuns all “ists” and “isms” and firmly believes in a “no – label” world! She isn’t afraid to take risks, speak her mind, push forward and challenge preconceptions. She is currently pursuing Masters in Architecture at the University of Liechtenstein.



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