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Must have modern furniture – second edition

The most popular blog on our website is the Must have modern furniture article! So, to celebrate my 200th piece, I wanted to revisit and update my curation of modern and contemporary must-have furniture! Interior Design and thus furniture constantly evolves and just gets better and better each year. Trends shift, styles differ and so do the collections. Like fashion or graphics, the newer the technology gets, the more freedom we have to play with materials or softwares, the more interesting the outputs we achieve. Like I said in the first edition of this blog, ‘Furniture is to a space, what limbs are to the human body’, a room is nothing without appropriate complimentary furniture. Without any more remarks, let’s dive into the new list! 


21 postkrisi t40 lamp by catelanni & smith fiberglass hemisphere nickel plated finish in gold white color
20 Parisian design shop

Play on interesting shapes and shadows is high when it comes to light fixtures and planters. Both options like sophisticated and minimalist are available. There have major breakthroughs in technology as well, wherein people can go for sensor lights, gesture control, dim and mood lighting, touch control lighting etc. One of the example is the hexagon shaped Helios Touch Modular Lighting. This individual module lighting connects to each other in different variations as per your whim and light up (or not) with touch sensitivity. You can thus customize your lighting as per your convenience and play with it. The other examples light up in the room in different shadows making them a conversation starter piece!



Chairs are more than just furniture pieces in today’s times, they are actually style statements. This couldn’t be more true than in the case of the examples above. Right from comfy soft and sinkable chairs to sleek minimalist ones, the variety is endless. Metallic and assymetrical funky styles are in fashion with designers experimenting with putting contrasting colors and shapes together. The wire mesh chairs were a classic in olden times, especially in India where woven chairs and ‘khatiyas’ were the norm. Furniture design these days are bringing back the same trend although with a modern twist. In the recently held Panton Chair Competition, a wooden frame was brought together with interwoven wire thread making for a truly statement furniture piece. Other examples like wooden batten frame sofa or sleek metallic fibre petal chair are also must-haves! 


Curvy Sofa by Stephane Chamard for an Avant Garde lounge
Curvy Sofa by Stephane Chamard for an Avant Garde lounge
Cactus Sofa
Cactus Sofa
Odie Chair by Australia based studio Fomu
Odie Chair by Australia based studio Fomu
Avvitamenti furniture collection by carlo Contin for Subalterno1
Avvitamenti furniture collection by Carlo Contin for Subalterno1

Customisable and space saving furniture is the new answer to the World’s space shortage issue. Stackable stools, nest of tables, expandable dining sets, multi-use desks and coffee tables, hidden storage in every furniture piece has revolutionized the furniture industry. Some of the ingenious solutions by designers the world over have been specially curated for this list. Be it the wooden frame bench which allows users to comfortable fix and stack square cushions in various permutations or the stacked wooden stools – the idea is to be able to use one furniture in many different ways. 

Modern furniture trends are also shifting more towards bolder and funkier styles and shapes. The Cactus sofa with a cushioned mosaic in bright yellow or the Nut and Bolt stool by Carlo Contin are instances of fresh takes on seating. Thematic spaces or young bars and lounges are seeing an upsurge demand for such kind of innovative pieces.


27 Beds by YKL Store
Beds by YKL Store
7 11

Shapes, materials and colors together make a modern furniture piece stand out. Earlier, the trend was to let one of the above elements stand out and the other two being simple. However, with more trials and designers willing to go the extra mile, we see all three factors taking centre stage in furniture today. The white and brown bed by YKL Store with hidden storage and multiple usage experience speaks of the 4th element – increased function! Similarly the eclectic mid century wooden batten cupboard combines style, color, material and function to become a legendary piece. Painted furniture was a style then, it is a style now and it will be a style forever. However, painted furniture today has more interesting patterns, designs and color palette than ever before! 


Why an exclusive category for tables, you ask? Well, there are just so many to discuss! The world of tables is getting more and more exciting everyday. Since the function of a table is so simple and defined, it is interesting to see how designers make it a valuable addition to any space. And as per usual, the community doesn’t disappoint! 

Marble and acrylic glass table by Romanian designer Eduard Locota depicting the layered depth of ocean
Marble and acrylic glass table by Romanian designer Eduard Locota depicting the layered depth of ocean
Liquid glacial table by Zaha Hadid Architects
Liquid glacial table by Zaha Hadid Architects
Steel Furniture by &New furniture company
Steel Furniture by &New furniture company
Cardboard armchair by Nordwerk recyclingDesign - A German company armchair out of upcycled recycled cardboard
Cardboard armchair by Nordwerk recyclingDesign – A German company armchair out of upcycled recycled cardboard
Danish Modern Solid Teak Nesting tables by Hvidt & Orla for the Molgaard Era
Danish Modern Solid Teak Nesting tables by Hvidt & Orla for the Molgaard Era

Inspiring use of materials, colors and tech come together to form these marvels. The combination of ceramic and fused color glass in a fluidic masterpiece or the delicate water droplet table by ZHA is just out of this world gorgeous! The minimalist use of metal sprayed in bright neons or the clever use of recycled cardboard for a sustainable setting or the asymmetry of the wooden corner table just makes me swoon! See for yourself.


12 painting and artifact
La nouvelle collection by Kelly Wearstler
La nouvelle collection by Kelly Wearstler

What catches your eye in the examples above? Yes, the dresser or console in both look amazing, but it is the styling which elevates the corner space! The raw stone with metallic birds or the organic black abstract artifact look spectacular. The artwork in both the instances are so different from each other, but do the same thing for both spaces – grab your attention. The point is, styling matters a lot. What are clothes without jewellery, makeup without lipstick or entrees  without dipping sauce? 

Geometric Barn Door
Geometric Barn Door


Collapsible seating in Genshang cafe outlet in Shanghai, China
Collapsible seating in Genshang cafe outlet in Shanghai, China

Again, multi-use, contrasting materials and bright hues. I can’t stress that enough. Play of shapes, patterns and geometry is also big in every element of interior design – fixtures, furniture, doors, wall art, soft furnishings etc.

I hope you like the second edition of the ‘Must Have Modern Furniture’ series and do not forget it give this one some love too! Do keep an eye out for these wonderful home additions, and visit again for your next furniture haul to get more fabulous ideas! For details about Cindrebay  Interior Design courses, click here

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