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5 ways to style your house for special occasions

Do you panic every time you are hosting an event at your home? Do you have a lot of friends coming over for a party? Have you invited people over for a soiree and your home looks drab and boring? Well, today I am here to divulge some interesting, simple and inexpensive ways to style your house for special occasions! Most often than not, a house once set up and decorated, isn’t changed regularly, leading it to look boring and old after some time. This means, every time someone comes over, they’re greeted with the same old decor and the family pictures over years, feel and look the same in your house. Obviously, one can’t renovate interiors so often or every festival. Let’s walk through some pointers, which will help keep things fresh in your home decor without straining your pocket!


Nothing is worse than when guest come over and your house is a mess. Dust on surfaces, things kept out of place, unorganized shelves and dirty linens are a huge no no. So make sure everything is clean, properly organized and free of useless items and not just superficially, but de-clutter your home. Donate old clothes, throw away stacks of papers etc. to make space for better and more useful things. Every house, needs to be deep cleaned, at least once a week, which includes table tops, kitchen, internal shelves and drawers, changing the sheets etc. 

woman cleaning house at the same time in different places while one is supervising progress

“Remember, a dirty disorganized house, even with the most expensive interiors and decor, still looks ugly.” 


Adding and re-adding new colors to your decor is the most inexpensive way to keep things fresh. A vase of fresh flowers, indoor plants, new photos or images on the wall (even in the same frames) are easy ways to add new colors to your home. A very important and typically Indian trick is to have several pairs of curtains and soft furnishings in the house and switch these to clean, fresh and more dressy ones for special occasions or according to the theme of the event. One can even think of changing the wallpaper or wall paint every once in a while, depending on the budget. 

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Another, important aspect for when you’re expecting guests, is to have the house smelling good. Anything from scented candles, to flowers, room fresheners, potpourri, or even the aroma of the food makes for a good welcome. 


Furniture is usually an investment and it’s not possible to change furniture so often, unless you are a billionaire. However, it is possible to move the furniture around and play with the house settings. The way the furniture is placed in the house, can transform how the space looks. Hence, if you are bored with the permanent location of the couch and the dining table, switch it up! One can also change the furniture layout according to seasons, for instance placing the couch and accent chairs near the windows in the sunlight for the winter etc. Make sure, the furniture is placed comfortably, with enough walking spaces, no weird corners.

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If you have fixed furniture, which cannot be moved, try changing the upholstery, buying some new cushions for the couch, or up-cycling an old piece of furniture. You can find thousands of online tutorials, to re-use old furniture in a new way, create DIY furniture using old items, and up-cycling old furniture to suit new decor. Painting or distressing an old dresser, hanging a vintage mirror, getting new Ottomans can be cheap ways to play with furniture and keep the decor lively.


Interesting nick knacks and pieces are usually what get conversations going. However, if you have the same vintage vase you were gifted at your wedding, then there is nothing new to talk about. Change that! I understand that there is some emotional value attached to certain items, but the others, need to go! Your house, like you, needs new items to dress it up. However, don’t go binge shopping before a party, instead try collecting special pieces which catch your eye. Something handmade in a fair, a small collectible from a trip, a gift from a friend, books, collections like coins or maps or polaroids, or something which you thought would go well with the decor. Paintings, wall hangings, display items and artifacts, say a lot about a person’s taste and his lifestyle. So choose wisely and keep shuffling!

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Every occasion has a special meaning attached to it and hence the gathering has a unique vibe. Play on that! Hanging balloons and streamers for every party is so passe and boring! Instead, pick a theme and work it around the house. There are limitless ideas on the internet, for how to decorate your house in special themes in cheap and easy ways. Themes can be according to the season, according to the reason to party like birthdays or baby showers or promotion/farewell party. For just simple house gatherings, you could pick themes based on colors, TV shows etc. If you’re celebrating a festival, obviously there need to be appropriate decor to suit the day like Christmas decor or Diwali lamps etc. 

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To create the right vibe, choose appropriate lighting, soft or loud music depending upon the situation, a good stand or place to keep coats/umbrellas/bags/shoes etc. There should always be tissues, dustbins, paper plates or cutlery (again depending on the occasion) available. If you’re expecting lot of kids, and want to maintain a good mood in the party, keep fragile or delicate or dangerous things in your house either out of reach of children or well hidden. Make sure you have detergents and cleaning equipment ready in case of spills etc.

The 5 pointers above are some of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your house feel new every time you’re hosting people. I hope this list gave you some ideas for your next Soiree! For more amazing and insightful content related to Interior Design, Fashion, Home Decor and Lifestyle, please keep visiting Cindrebay.com!

Author: Jamila Sidhpurwala

Jamila is one part artist, two parts foodie, and all parts traveler. She is a patron of good art and design and loves to immerse herself in books and music. Simplicity and minimalism is her motto as an architect. A writing enthusiast, she surrounds herself with all things creative. She actively shuns all “ists” and “isms” and firmly believes in a “no – label” world! She isn’t afraid to take risks, speak her mind, push forward and challenge preconceptions. She is currently pursuing Masters in Architecture at the University of Liechtenstein.



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