30th July 2016 - Time 9.30 am - 4.30 pm

Venue : Hotel Marina Residency, YMCA Cross Road, Calicut

Design and Architecture Professionals, Students of Design / Architecture and Design Enthusiasts.


LIVING EDGE – A discussion on the business of creative life!

We are in the age where story telling is at the centre of all kinds of progress. Gone are the crude days of discovery and hard skills, as we have moved on to the era of unfolding information at the touch of a fingertip.

There is available, plenty ofnews as well as innumerable knowledge resources to refer subjects such as architecture, interior design and other streams of design like industrial design and visual communication. New schools and old establishments continue to make opportunities for deserving candidates to get educated and secure a degree. What is missing suddenly, rather loudly, in the digitised world for students is the connection with master architects, master craftsmen and imparters of knowledge. Hence the occasion is being organised by Cindrebay Nurture to bring together practitioners, academicians and students in Kerala. After all, is it not the stories of others,the most inspiring reason to explore, push boundaries!

At the ‘Living Edge’ seminar, we would bring in select speakers such as leading Architects in the city, Educators and Professionals to speak to the student candidates about their experiences in the industry. The speakers may share works to illustrate as suited.

A moving experience, few tips on habits or skills to look out for, or an attitude to grab might have the power to change the future of someone else. The occasion is an opportunity for young, eager minds to gather treasures, pick up whatever works for each one of them.

Dr P.P.Anil Kumar

Dr P.P.Anil Kumar,
Associate Professor
NIT Calicut
Brijesh Shaijal

Brijesh Shaijal
Principal Architect
BS Architect Manjeri
Deepak Dayanidhi

Deepak Dayanidhi,
Assistant Professor
IIM Kozhikode
Nijoo Dube

Nijoo Dubey,
Assistant Professor
NID Bangalore

Design and Architecture Professionals, Students of Design/Architecture and Design Enthusiasts.


This programme is being organised by Cindrebay Nurture for design enthusiasts, students of design and also for practicing professionals in design/architecture. It aims at spreading design awareness and promoting design education and also sensitising the youth about the importance of design in their everyday lives.

  • The seminar will start at 9.30 am and will be concluded at 4.30 pm. It will have 5 interactive presentation sessions from experts in design education and practice.
  • Admission is by invitation only and to get your invite please register here with the required details. Selected participants will get their registration confirmation email/sms bearing registration number.
  • Participants must show their registration confirmation email or sms at the registration counter and collect delegate passes before 9.30 am for admission to the seminar hall. Student participants must carry college ID cards.
  • Light Refreshments and working lunch will be provided at the venue for the participants.
For further queries please contact Ms Swapna Nair, coordinator, Living Edge - Seminar at swapna@nurtureclub.com or Call: 9895776441

About Cindrebay Nurture

When every other youngster is becoming an engineer and an MBA in our country, we have loads of talent that gets shunned into the background. This unidimensional progress is not what the future is about. The future is calling us to expand and look beyond conventions. Cindrebay Nurture is about finding and nurturing talent in streams that are unique, that are about our innate talents and that will matter in the future.

Cindrebay Nurture is an educational organisation the objective of which is to open up avenues of unconventional nature for students and to leverage on their creativity and imagination in learning various themes, acquiring state of the art knowledge, competence and skill and enable them to identify professions of their interest, all of them are not normally available in school/college education system.

We scout talents, pick and nurture them in streams that are unique and often unconventional. We are dedicated to facilitate platforms for curious young minds to imbibe from experts, state of the art knowledge and skills.

Cindrebay Nurture began its journey in 2013 with a 10 day long Space Camp, at Bangalore the first of its kind in India. We brought together Astrophysicists and Astronomers, Avionics and Aeronautic experts to unfold the vast world of outer space for selected group of young students.

Design is a career stream that has fascinated many, but has not got its fair share of importance. We aim to unshroud design - be it spatial, product, communication any other niche design specialisation - and helping students absorb the art science and philosophy of design.

The agenda of Nurture goes like this – Get together experts from various fields such as science, arts, literature, and more as you name it, because we are game to do it. We believe in nurturing the innate talents of each individual respecting their differing choices.

With us around you can confidently look forward to seeing unconventional careers flourishing.