Nagpur City witnessed one of a kind traditional fashion show event on 10th september 2022. Cindrebay School of Design, Nagpur hosted “Cindrebay’s walk-on wheels” styling event based on handloom fabrics. The event was organized in collaboration with Maha-Handloom at the Majhi Metro train of Nagpur on 10th September 2022.

Honorable Shri.Nitinji Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highway of India was the chief guest. Several dignitaries graced our event with their notable presence from ex-mayors, government officials, educationists etc.

The event was intended to promote Maharashtra-Handloom (Maharashtra state handloom corporation ltd) and the good work they are doing for the upliftment of the weaver community and also to uplift hand skills, both of which have been a national pride. The handloom industry is a symbol of our country's rich and diverse cultural history, as well as an essential source of income in rural and semi-rural areas.

The event was also intended to present Majhi Metro as a modern, efficient and innovative mode of transit for every strata of society. Majhi- Metro aims to make commutation easy and and an enjoyable experience for all citizens. It has been very helpful for reducing pollution and heavy traffic in Nagpur city.

Event Highlights

  • The event’s dignitaries were addressed and welcomed with a felicitation ceremony which marked the start of the event
  • Dignitaries & Participants boarded the Metro for “Walk on Wheel”, a traditional fashion show on running metro train
  • The traditional fashion show showcased fabrics and garments from Maha–Handlooms on the running metro train of Maha Metro was the highlight of the show.
  • The dignitaries & eminent personalities of Nagpur will be wearing the attire styled by Students of Cindrebay School of Design
  • The dignitaries were draped in handloom garments styled by cindrebay students, thereby, valuing and elevating the abilities and potential of handloom weavers.
  • We witnessed an impressive ramp walk designed by the students in the metro to honor the handloom on wheels. With a ritual of thankfulness, the gathering came to an end


Cindrebay’s walk-on wheels
Cindrebay’s walk-on wheels
Cindrebay’s walk-on wheels