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Cindrebay Highlights


A decade ago, Cindrebay graciously started off with 98 students in Calicut, Kerala. Within one year of its humble inception, the institute grabbed the attention in the education market by marking a difference in the strategies implemented to impart design education. The commitment of our leadership and their uncompromising focus on the qualifty of education invited a lot of goodwill and brought in a better number of students in the next batches. The school possessed its own curriculum for interior design and had a number of industry experts and academic veterans involved in its lifecycle. Well known architects and interior designers hailing from other states of India as well as abroad were called in to train the students as guest lecturers. The concept of conducting workshops for an added learning experience was well taken in. Ultimately the first year added the confidence and enthusiasm of both the learners and the school by placing 100% of the students with good design firms in India and abroad. Since then, the school holds pride in creating an absolutely talented breed of interior design entrepreneurs and professionals who have the caliber to execute from the stage of ideation to completion of any project that comes under interior design. And the school proudly calls them as Cindrepreneurs!

The school has successfully produced a number of interior design professionals with outstanding level of expertise and great enthusiasm to become the achievers in the industry. Behind the show, the management and its team have been consistently focusing on the quality of education and has worked towards the perfection. That narrates the story of Cindrebay’s accomplishments. And today, the school generously offers its students vast industry exposure and opens the door to a new world of creativity to explore and excel! Cindrebay has shaped a corporate culture encompassing a couple of significant core values:


Adding quality to education – Understanding the increasingly demanding nature of the design industry and highly competitive job grounds, Cindrebay has fashioned itself to provide the best quality of learning experience offering the technical expertise with practical comprehension and industry exposure. The training is well supported on an aesthetically designed platform with modern day amenities to add to its richness.


Wide focus on overall growth – Cindrebay not only imparts training for a booming career, but prepares its students with intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth to become a winning individual leading a successful life. The master behind Cindrebay believes that education is not just imparting the skilled training, but a roadmap towards succeeding in real life.


Industry Expertise – Learning by doing is the ultimate process of understanding the concepts learnt theoretically. Cindrebay promotes professional grooming and confidence building preparing its students to best fit to the interior design and fashion industry as they come out from the campus. As a part of its mission, the students are equipped with the design skill well encompassed with the soft skills for a successful life ahead.

Strength of Cindrebay

Well-designed curriculum

Cutting edge courseware
Qualified faculty & Intensive coaching,
Committed management,
Best infrastructure facilities
Satisfied and well placed alumni,
Partnerships and associations with the industry
And of course, the students! We believe that our students of today are our brand ambassadors of tomorrow.

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