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Where Fashion meets Passion

A fashion designer is the most prominent figure in the fashion industry. It is the designer who comes up with creative ideas, and translates these big ideas into new trends based on the knowledge of their chosen fields and a critical understanding of the social, economic and cultural factors influencing their professional environment. 

Top Fashion Designing Institute in Kerala

Cindrebay ​School of Fashion Design is located in Calicut, Kannur, Kochi (Ernakulam) Trivandrum, Bangalore and Nagpur. Cindrebay is one of the best institutes for learning Fashion Designing from real experts and it strives to churn out fashion designers who are innovative, versatile, well-informed and spontaneous all at the same time. Major emphasis is given on research and analysis of current and past fashion trends, influence of art in fashion and the current market demands. The second step is to hone the technical skills of draping, sewing, patternmaking and Computer Aided Design. The final step is to apply the knowledge and skills gained to take a design from concept to a finished garment which satisfies the expectations of the target buyer. Another specialty of Cindrebay's courses in Professional Fashion Design is it will make you a perfect fit for the professional fashion industry. The courses also contain some of the best fashion design career advice and highly efficient professional training from fashion design experts.

Our students are encouraged to have an open minded approach towards their profession which equips them with the capability to adapt to any work challenge. They can be enterprising enough to launch their own fashion label, work for private companies, design studios or buying houses. They can design collections for women, men and children as well as get into accessories, swimwear and sportswear. Some of them can get more adventurous and decide to become fashion photographers, fashion journalists, illustrators, stylists, retailers, costume designers for films, Visual merchandiser, Color expert, Drape specialist or Color experts.

Why Choose Cindrebay Fashion Design Institute?

  • To get networking opportunities with the fashion industry through our contacts and affiliations.
  • To be able to do collaborative projects that involves working together with external professionals and sponsors during the course.
  • To get a multidisciplinary environment that leads to a holistic learning atmosphere. It facilitates the student to make innovative and out of the league career choices. Our infrastructure with an extensive library, updated machinery and CAD studio add up to the experience.
  • To get to learn from excellent faculty members from the industry including eminent fashion designers as well as experienced academicians with vast knowledge in the field from prestigious institutes like NID, NIFT, Pearl Academy of Fashion, DJ Academy of Design.
  • To get a hands-on learning experience. The learning by doing approach is followed to make sure that the theoretical knowledge is applied in real life sponsored projects with the industry.

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