Student Testimonials


Jeena G Nath

PG Diploma in Interior Design

I am a post graduate in Material Science but the art of Interior Design had always fascinated me. I believe a house is a structure built with physical materials; while a home is made of the dreams, aspirations and aesthetics of the inhabitants. A home reflects the inner self of its residents, I wanted to add character and individuality along with beauty and happiness to a home. So, I started searching for a well-structured curriculum which could equip me to develop new ideas and expand my horizons in designing homes in personalized and pragmatic way. There I found Cindrebay, a place as I imagined; to help me make my dreams come true. I enjoyed each and every day of my life in Cindrebay which challenged me to go the extra mile and added professionalism into my efforts. I feel so happy to be a part of the Cindrebay Trivandrum family.


Vyshnav Ram

BSc Interior Design

Basically from Kannur, I had done all my schooling from Dubai. So passionate about Design I searched thoroughly for a top college for interior designing courses in Kerala to do my degree course in Interior Design and give my passion a shape. I came to know that Cindrebay School of Interior Design was there in my own hometown Kannur. Since the very first moment I came to Cindrebay institute I met with nothing but Energy and Enthusiasm. I liked the concept of having a smaller class size because of which we students got more one on one attention from the professors and felt more comfortable speaking in front of others. This school has many opportunities for the students aspiring for a career in design.


Anjali Aravind

PG Diploma in Interior Design

I studied Electronics & Communication Engineering and worked in Wipro technologies in Pune, and further lived in Chicago. However my passion for design brought me here. Cindrebay School of Design is a great place to learn. The classes are fun, very dynamic and has a friendly atmosphere. It's like when you get into kindergarten - your teacher guides you to do what you like with the available mediums and that's when your imagination begins to take a physical form. At Cindrebay, one experiences a similar but more refined and sophisticated form of guidance to bring out one's creativity. The School takes the students from ideas to inspiration to activity and creativity and finally to innovation.

Tanuja Saifudheen

BSc Interior Design Graduate

Basically I am from Trivandrum but I was born, brought up and schooled in Abu Dhabi. After completing my twelfth standard, I was searching for an interior design college where I could develop my dream of becoming a designer which was my passion. I came to know about Cindrebay through websites. I made a right decision of joining here. I think the faculty, environment and other resources here are much better than other colleges. The friendly approach, creativity, seminars, workshops, assignments, case studies had always helped me to understand art and to design according to the human needs & sustainability. I got all the support and guidelines from faculty and management. Thank you Cindrebay Trivandrum

Neha Ashok

Neha Ashok

PG Diploma in Interior Design

It was my dream from childhood to be an Interior Designer. Right after completing my graduation in civil engineering, I was looking for the right institute to pursue an interior designing course. I came to know about Cindrebay through their website and after that I paid visit to Cindrebay School of Design, Trivandrum and in no time I decided to join Cindrebay. I loved the classroom atmosphere and their course module. Making the decision to join Cindrebay was by far the best decision I have ever made. The staff and faculties are very supportive and passionate about helping students.

Shraddha Gupta

Shraddha Gupta

PG Diploma in Interior Design

Since my school days I have always been fascinated by the field of Interior Design. After my graduation in IT I was looking out for a good institution to get a proper training in Interior Design. It was then I heard about Cindrebay which had just started functioning in Nagpur. I was one of the initial batch students of Cindrebay Nagpur. As a student I found that it was an institution where the approach is more about practical and hands on learning than just rote book learning, where they encouraged us to develop our intuition and promote design thinking. We got many workshops and guest lectures on a regular basis. I am thankful to the whole Cindrebay team in.


Ar. Tanvi Lokhande

PG Diploma in Interior Design

After completing my B. Arch., I realized that I needed to have a deeper knowledge and understanding about Interior Design. I wanted to gain insights about furniture design, interior architecture and the nuances of interior styling. As a student of Cindrebay Nagpur I can confidently tell that it is the only institute here offering a proper programme in interior design with an intensive one year Diploma Course. I was impressed by the syllabus, the infrastructure and the dedicated senior design professionals who were teaching us. The site visits and workshops organized for us almost every Saturday were diverse and interesting, with teachers and management showing keen interest. I would recommend Cindrebay to anyone who has a genuine inclination for interior design


Chhavi Shrimali

BSc Interior Design

Owing to my creative streak and the passion to do something different, I was sure I wanted to be an Interior Designer. Giving wings to my dreams was Cindrebay School of Design, Nagpur. What makes Cindrebay special, is the personal attention we receive from the faculty and management, the integrated learning methods and the loads of field and practical training. The stress on hands on learning and workshops imbed the lessons of materials and design in our brains rather than acquiring superficial bookish knowledge. Right from clay workshops, parametric design, Tadoba site visits, photography short course, software classes, the workshops were different and hosted by bigwigs in the Design Industry.

Dharamraj Jaiswal

Dharamraj Jaiswal

PG Diploma in Interior Design

I am a Civil Engineering degree holder passed out from Ramdev Baba College, Nagpur and also had a family business. But I wanted to make my own Identity in civil engineering and interior field. Through Google I came to know about Cindrebay School of Design, Nagpur, and that it was providing Government University’s one year Diploma Course. I am glad that I chose the right institute as most of the faculty there had done PG and were practicing designers or architects. They gave us more practical knowledge which was most important aspect of this subject. Cindrebay conducted many workshops, site-visits, guest lectures etc. which helped me a lot for upgrading my domain related knowledge. It was a wonderful year of my academic experience.


Santoshi Patnaik

BSc Fashion Design

The overall experience has been amazing and very educational. The vibe at Cindrebay is very fun, very friendly and very encouraging. Our teachers and mentors are like our friends and we learn a range of things like Shoe Painting, Madhubani Art, Brush painting etc. I also got the opportunity to visit various design studios in the city and different fashion shows. I especially enjoyed the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, where we assisted renewed designers like Gauri and Nainika and Vidhi Wadhwani. It was a very wholesome experience as we gained a lot of practical skills like makeup, finishing and fitting costumes, choreography, different fabrics and so on. We got the chance to interact with designers and assistants which gave us a real life taste of the Fashion Industry.

Sakshi Kumbhare

Sakshi P. Kumbhare

BSc Fashion

A former student of B.Tech Cosmetics, I soon realised that I was more inclined to Fashion Designing. Am thankful to Cindrebay School of Design, Nagpur, who helped me realise my childhood dream of pursuing BSc. in Fashion Designing. Various workshops on textiles and apparel making, personality enhancement sessions, styling and grooming, we gained an overall experience in the fashion world. Cindrebay encourages us to dream big, to develop our own brand from day one, which has really helped me find my niche, recognise my own personal style. Our contribution to the Mr./Miss Nagpur Competition, gave us further insights into the backstage ongoings of a fashion event. I would like to thank Cindrebay for all the exposures given to us.


Dr Janis Naha Sajid

PG Diploma in Interior Design

I had the privilege of being the first student of the first batch of Cindrebay Interior Design Institute. We were just 9 students in a batch then for around 6 months till the next batch came to share all the pampering and attention we enjoyed from our beloved teachers. Today the school has grown to be a true kick start home for around 100 students in a year spread along 5 to 6 batches. I would say that Cindrebay is a perfect start to guide you throughout your career and definitely it is one the best interior design institutes in Kerala. I should specially mention the Cindrebay team which sincerely imparts strong fuel to drive every new comer s dreams ahead and definitely they give you that personal care we all need to take our goals far.


Sreeja Narayanan

PG Diploma in Interior Design

Being a BSc Nursing graduate and spending almost 5 years as a labour room tutor, it was a big creative boost when I got the opportunity to pursue my dream of being an interior designer. Cindrebay Interior Designing College in Kochi offers unlimited scope of enhancing the attributes that contribute to being a successful Interior Designer. The faculty members are exceptionally hardworking and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that each student is exposed to all available opportunities for development of designing and communication skills. A special word of praise for all the workshops being arranged that provide first hand take on many design aspects. I take immense pride in being a Cindrepreneur.


Vyshak Ramachandran

BSc Interior Design

I truly loved every minute of this course. I feel the course syllabus is very well put together. It was covering nearly every element of design one might need to know before striking out on their own. I felt the modules challenging, yet our instructors made them easy for us to work through. My teachers provided great support and I learnt even more every time I submitted an assignment or gave a presentation or made a model or took up a workshop. My teachers encouraged me very much which was quite much needed to continue through all the modules and keep working to get better and eventually the best. Cindrebay is one of the best Interior Design School in India.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammed Ameesh Ali

Diploma in Interior Design

When I joined Cindrebay Calicut the classes we got were mainly from Ms Anuradha Menon, Mr Rennie Paul and Mr Madhu Menon. Anu madam, a graduate in architecture of the prestigious MS University Baroda, demonstrated the knowledge, the teaching standard and the involvement any student would dream of from a teacher. Rennie sir, a product of NID Ahmedabad, and with years of experience in furniture design, thrilled us with his practice oriented sessions. Madhu sir, a civil engineer turned interior designer was the star of the pack as he was a source of inspiration for many of us to start our own design ventures after we graduated. Big thanks to all :-)


Sonam Salam

BSc Interior Design

I am from Fort Kochi. After my 12th I was confused about choosing my degree course. My brother who was an architecture student suggested me Interior Design. After careful study of the opportunities and the scope of the field I decided that I would do my degree in Interior Design. As Cindrebay was known to be one of the top institutes in Kerala for Interior Design, I chose it as my college for my studies. Due to some reasons I could not join at the beginning course and had a little struggle to catch up with the lost sessions. The faculty members were so amazing and dedicated that they helped me a lot in completing my pending sheets and classes. I am so happy to be a part of Cindrebay Family.


Nisha K Shaboo

BSc Interior Design

I had done my schooling from St. Raphael’s H.S, Indore. My family is well settled here in Indore, M.P. I had a clear vision to make a move towards design field since 10th class. Brother being an Architecture student, motivated me to choose Interior design as my career. In exploration of different cities about the course, I came to know about Cindrebay from Internet and did a good amount of research about the college before joining Cindrebay Kochi. As I was late by few months I had a lot of lessons to catch up. I got great support from faculties and staff. The institute provided various workshops and seminars quiet often which were very creative and effective for my design. I am thankful to this institute for helping and guiding me in attaining my dream.


Sneha Vijayan

PG Diploma in Interior Design

After completing my masters’ degree in Applied Chemistry, I decided to pursue a good course in Interior Design out of keen interest in designing and its application. I completed my schooling and higher studies from Surat, Gujrat. I fantasized art and creativity since childhood and whenever I see beautiful interiors, those inspired me to explore designing and how it can be applied. So after finishing my degree I decided to pursue my diploma course in Interior designing. When looking for the best interior designing institutes in the country, I came to know more about Cindrebay and thus joined its Kochi campus after a lot of research and multiple visits and numerous phone enquiries. At Cindrebay I was provided with the best faculties and resources required for a proper grooming and development as an interior designer.


Moushmi Barai

BSc in Interior Design

My name is Moushumi Barai. I am from Bijni, Chirang District in Assam. My family consists of my husband & my son. I was very keen about design field & my curiosity made me to choose Interior Design for my further studies after my 12th grade. I searched a lot for a good institution for Interior Design courses and then got to know about Cindrebay. When I joined Kochi campus I was so happy to see many such students like me, who are very passionate about design. This helped me to get a lot of motivation as we always worked as a team and used to do many group projects. The studio and lab sessions, then the workshops, projects and assignments all were very helpful in getting trained the way I wanted.