Our Academic Advisory Board

At Cindrebay School of Design, we are deeply committed to providing our students with the highest quality educational and career development opportunities in the field of design. Our academic programs are designed with rigor and integrity and are overseen by advisors with extensive backgrounds in both domestic and international education.

To further advance our mission of delivering the best possible education, we have established an esteemed Academic Advisory Board (AAB) composed of seasoned professionals in various design-related disciplines. These individuals are dedicated to enhancing the quality of instruction and bringing fresh perspectives and innovative suggestions to our programs. They also assist students in developing professional practices that promote leadership, teamwork, and lifelong learning, through research that addresses contemporary societal and industry demands.

The Board serves as a vital link between our programs and the wider community, fostering dialogue and ongoing exchange of ideas with industry experts and external connections. Their expertise in gauging the demand for program graduates in the job market helps us ensure that our graduates possess the skills required to meet employers' needs.

Moreover, the board provides invaluable assistance in reviewing and enhancing our curriculum's relevance, teaching methods, and exposure to cutting-edge developments in design-related fields. By working closely with our faculty, the board members help us ensure that our programs impart knowledge that is current and pertinent to modern business, industry, labor, and professional practices.

We are honored to have these distinguished professionals as our beacons of inspiration in our quest for academic excellence.

Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee

Chairperson - Academic Advisory Board

Architect Biju Kuriakose

Member - Academic Advisory Board

Professor Catherine Harper

Member - Academic Advisory Board

Professor Filomena Melina Visone

Member - Academic Advisory Board

Professor Nijoo Dubey

Member - Academic Advisory Board

Professor Pratyush Shankar

Member - Academic Advisory Board

Professor Suzie Attiwill

Member - Academic Advisory Board