Associate Diploma in

from Cindrebay Certification

Associate Diploma in Architecture

Associate Diploma in

from Cindrebay Certification

Cindrebay offers the Associate Diploma in Architecture specifically to Civil Engineering Graduates and Civil Engineering Diploma holders who aspire to break into design. The programme is put together to address the gap that Civil Engineers face in the industry when it comes to addressing projects in a holistic manner and taking ownership. In this way, the Diploma is a unique one much needed by the industry and the engineering graduates. Our students get to work across the industry in their chosen fields of interest because of the added advantage that they are well rounded when it comes to both the creative and the structural aspects of building.


The studio sessions are targeted to develop in students, design thinking via practical, imagining and drawing exercises. Along with the soft skills they are taught the most popular softwares in the industry.


18 Months


BE Civil Engineering / Diploma Civil Engineering


30 Students per batch

LOCATION Available

Bangalore, Nagpur, Kochi, Kozhikode


The curriculum is a platter of topics that have been tested for decades and applied across prestigious colleges of Architecture and Engineering; a combination and order of exercises designed to develop in students the openness to research, imagine, conceive and express. The course contents

  • Theory of Architecture 1 - Fundamental Principles of Design
  • Techniques 1 – Sketching, Hand Drafting, Hand Rendering & Model Building
  • History of World Architecture Part 1
  • Computer Aided Architecture & Design Training 1 - AutoCAD 2D/3D, Photoshop, SketchUp
  • Working Drawing Part 1
  • Creative Workshop
  • Architectural Design Project 1
  • Research – Materials, Finishes & Construction Technology

  • Theory of Architecture 2 - Advanced
  • Techniques 2 – Sketching, Furniture Layout Planning, Computerised Drafting & Presentation
  • History of World Architecture part 2
  • Computer Aided Architecture & Design Training 2 – 3D modelling, 3D Rendering Softwares
  • Working Drawing Part 2
  • Architectural Design Project 2
  • Research - Climatology & Sustainability Studies
  • Professional Practise

  • Entrepreneurship & Management - Overview
  • Computer Aided Architecture & Design Training 3 - BIM
  • Architectural Design Project 3
  • Case studies – Trends & Direction of Present Day World Architecture
  • Local Case Studies – Ongoing Projects by Eminent Practising Architects
  • Travel - Architectural Sightseeing & Documentation
  • Research - Low Cost Construction – History & Trends
  • Thesis Project

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Associate Diploma in Architecture
  • Architecture and or Interiors Manager
  • Architectural Engineering Freelancer
  • Teacher/Lecturer at Institutes
  • Designer at Construction Companies
  • Independent Architecture Consultant
  • Civil Engineer with Enhanced Understanding of Architecture


Cindrebay believes in interactive sessions and uses classroom and guest lectures, studio sessions, experimentation, assignments, workshops and live projects to keep the students engaged.

Classroom projects

Classroom projects are done with a significant contribution from real - world industry

Proper attention

Proper attention on developing skills in Computer Aided Designing

Design skills

Design skills and cross-functional abilities like software and presentation skills are put into practice

Course duration

Course duration spans from 12 months (Diploma) to 3 years (Under graduate Degree Programme)

Real life project

Real life project works are a significant portion of the curriculum

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