Best Interior Design & Fashion Institute in Mangalore

Aptly termed as the 'Rome of the East" showcasing the treasure house of Roman Catholic architectural marvels, Mangalore enjoys a harmonious ecosystem with its presiding deity Mangala Devi and the Sacred Shrine of Hazrath Madani Darga, making it a melting pot of cultural and linguistic diversity.

Since a long time, Mangalore has been known as the Mecca of higher education with many centres of excellence in higher and professional education. While the city boasts of the first private medical college in the country post-independence, it is also home for one of the first Regional Engineering Colleges to be established in the country which is now the prestigious National Institute of Technology – Karnataka.

The Mangalore University boasts of opening its doors for innovative and creative new degree courses in new disciplines like Fashion Interior Design etc. The Bachelor’s Degree course in Human Resource Development -BHRD, from Mangalore University is the first of its kind programmes in the country. The academic concepts that evolved here are being replicated throughout the country.

Creativity and entrepreneurship is in the air in this historically vibrant trading destination for centuries. It’s talent pool is so popular that it has contributed creative geniuses in every field including Bollywood with a Miss World also to its credit.

Here is Cindrebay cruising into the coastal city of Mangaluru to harness and enhance the innate creative potential of this land of opportunities.Cindrebay promises a content driven course structure and a training that is completely focused on placement prospects.

Cindrebay School of Design – Mangalore

2nd floor, P.V.S Sadana,
PVS Circle, Main Road,
Mangalore - Karnataka
India - 575003

+91 974 188 7884

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday – 9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday - Closed