BVA Animation
& Multimedia

from Bangalore University

Bachelor in Film and Animation

BVA Animation
& Multimedia

from Bangalore University

Cindrebay’s Bachelor of Visual Arts from Bangalore University is a four - year degree programme that develops the students analytical, technical, creative and communication skills. Students receive a strong foundation on the basic principles of character design, animation and special effects and learn how to use advanced tools and technologies in the field.


Ensuring a rich educational environment, students learn how to come up with new ideas, create unique designs as well as problem solving techniques. Cindrebay’s goal – help students design out of the box or better yet, design a whole new box and prepare them for a lucrative career in this highly competitive field.


4 Years
8 Semesters


10+2 with a minimum 50% aggregate marks


30 Students per batch

LOCATION Available



The programme focuses on the key elements of story design and development, 3D Animation and softwares, cinematography, film making and editing. Guest lectures and practical experience are added benefits of the course.

Semester - I

  • Story of Art : Basics
  • Visual Thinking
  • Fundamentals of Design : 2D & 3D
  • Fundamentals of Drawing : Basics
  • 2D & 3D Design Practice
  • Inter Design studies - I
  • Constitution of India & Human Rights

Semester - II

  • Story of Art : Advanced
  • Introduction to Visual Cultures
  • Colour theory
  • Fundamentals of Drawing : Advanced
  • Colour composition
  • Inter Design studies - II
  • Environment and Public Health

Semester - III

  • Film appreciation & analysis Part - I
  • Story concepts - Visualization (Story design & development)
  • Classical Animation : Principles of animation
  • Digital Art : Basics of Adobe Photoshop
  • 3D Animation : Basics of Autodesk Maya
  • Computer Applications and Information Technology

Semester - IV

  • Cinematography & film editing
  • Digital Art : Advanced Photoshop
  • Classical Animation : Animating complex scenes
  • 3D Animation : Animation principles in 3D space

Semester - V

  • Acting for Animation
  • Theory of Design
  • 3D Lab : Advanced Maya
  • Pre Production - I : Screenwriting and storyboard
  • Post Production - I : Compositing

Semester - VI

  • Art appreciation
  • 3D Lab - II : Creating 3D cartoon characters
  • Pre Production - II : Character design & Layout design
  • Lighting & Camera
  • Post Production - II : Film editing
  • Advanced 3D Character animation & rigging

Semester - VII

  • Animation studio design & management
  • 3D Major Elective - II : Modeling & Texturing / Animation / VFX
  • Project Part - I : Pre production
  • Show reel

Semester - VIII

  • Project Part - II : Production & Postproduction
  • Internship

  • Semester - III : Digital Design - I / Classical Animation / Graphic Design - I
  • Semester - IV : Digital Design - II / Digital Animation / Graphic Design - II
  • Semester - V : Digital Matte Painting / Camera and Film editing / Photography
  • Semester - VI : Interaction design / Motion graphics / Digital Illustration technique
  • Semester - VII : Game design / Videography / Pre production

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Bachelor in Film and Animation

Increased demand for animation and visual effects in video games, movies, and television indicates a world of exciting career opportunities for students armed with a BVA in Animation & Multimedia from Cindrebay.

  • 2D and 3D animators
  • 3D modellers
  • Character animators
  • Key frame animators
  • Comic artists & designers
  • Texture artists
  • Motion graphics artists
  • Lighting artists
  • Storyboard artists
  • Rigging artists
  • Graphic designers
  • Advertising art directors


Cindrebay provides the perfect balance of classroom training, studio sessions, live projects, CAD lab training, design workshops, and guest lectures.Faculty are veterans in the field and their exposure to current market trends in India and globally ensure that students get a holistic picture of interior design.

Classroom projects

Classroom projects are done with a significant contribution from real - world industry

Proper attention

Proper attention on developing skills in Computer Aided Designing

Design skills

Design skills and cross-functional abilities like software and presentation skills are put into practice

Course duration

Course duration spans from 12 months (Diploma) to 3 years (Under graduate Degree Programme)

Real life project

Real life project works are a significant portion of the curriculum

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