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Go global with Cindrebay & UCA partnership
Your dream of an international degree in design is now a reality!

Cindrebay is excited to announce our collaboration with the University for Creative Arts, Farnham, United Kingdom, opening grand vistas for Cindrebay-enrolled students to grab a design degree from the UK!

With Cindrebay School of Design’s latest partnership with a leading UK institution for specialized art & design, you now stand a chance to apply for & pursue international & globally recognized undergraduate & graduate degrees, with zero hassles & a guaranteed destination.

How does the tie-up with the - 'University for Creative Arts' work?

Undergraduate Degree / Bachelor Degree

Students complete first two years of their degree program at Cindrebay School of Design after which they continue the remaining terms (3rd & 4th year) at UCA with the credits earned by them at Cindrebay carried forward to the UCA term.

Graduate Degree/ Masters Degree

Students complete their undergraduate degree at Cindrebay School of design post which they continue their Graduate degree at UCA for PG courses.

How will this tie-up between Cindrebay & UCA benefit students?

Career Opportunities Cindrebay NATA

International exposure

Nothing beats gaining skills & expertise in an international arena where the best of the best minds come together to discover & learn from each other, creating a super-enhanced learning experience

Global connect

Opportunities to network with experts & mentors from around the world & rub shoulders with design students from different countries, paving the way for a rich & collaborative ecosystem that benefits all.

Give wings to your dreams

With an international degree & global exposure, see your career graph surge & lead you to places you have never experienced before, where you are capable & confident enough to take your career in any direction you want to without any fear.

Enhanced employability

Employers tend to give much higher importance & priority to students who have international degrees & exposure because it shows a richer & more diverse learning experience which is a mark for excellence, skill, & technical prowess.

Diverse cultures & perspectives

When speaking of a degree in creative fields, the more experiences, depth, & variety you can draw in from your surroundings, the more refined your outlook will be. With an international tie-up through Cindrebay, you get to make the most of your Indian & international

Career Opportunities Cindrebay NATA