Aptitude test

Cindrebay's vision for a
great candidate...

Aptitude test

Cindrebay's vision for a
great candidate...

Have you noticed that a versatile fashion designer would naturally have a great taste in interior Design, even if it's not their speciality or expertise and vice versa? This is because what makes for a great designer is a wide spectrum of subtle skills that cannot be bound. Some people are born with it. Some nurture it. But all need to stream line their potential.


Click the above link and undertake the test to understand your natural design aptitude. The questions are some models chosen from our wider question bank. The actual questions asked in the Cindrebay Design Aptitude Test (CINDAT) will vary. Click on ‘’ to receive clear guidelines on how to prepare for CINDAT.

The Cindrebay Entrance Exam tests candidates for the following qualities

Observation, Empathy & Listening

No one comes up with great ideas all of a sudden. No artist produces amazing expressions from thin air. Creative people have a tendency to observe their surroundings, stories, moods, emotions and expressions intently all their lives. Hence they have an unlimited pool of potential for colourful thoughts.

Critical thinking

A designer is always solving a problem presented, be it, creating a wardrobe for a tiny apartment or improving the user experience in a mobile phone brand. For this, they have to be able to analyse a situation, evaluate, form a judgement and reach a solution to work on.


A survival kit for a Designer would include great communication skills, be it on paper, verbal, or preferably a healthy mix of both.

Skill & Application

Great designers further put in effort to express their ideas on paper, and / or via technology, in what they perceive as the most impressive presentation.


Besides, they are open to explore these thoughts and form a relatable expression of it in the outer world.


The stepping stone to any creative act is the desire to explore, innovate and impact.


No. This is a sample question paper for you to practice on

Yes. Fill up the multiple choice questions by clicking on the answers and submit and we will send you the results to your email ID

The last four drawing questions are only for you to prepare at home. You need not submit them online.

The test would be offline, and conducted at our Centre

Don’t worry about minimum marks. Let us tell you where you stand as of now so that you can prepare accordingly.

What excites us at Cindrebay is your instant, raw talent. Hence you need not sweat it out at coaching centres. But you could bring the best of yourself by doing some preparation at home. The following tips are a gentle hand holding that we offer so that you are confident. These will help you as you enter your student life as well.

  • Practice free hand drawing, pencil shading and colouring with medium of your choice
  • Look up how to make a simple perspective sketch of an object, and see how light and shadow is formed
  • Read about basic principles of design and notice examples.
  • Look up different styles of design online or at the library. Just notice how styles vary with cultures, climate, economy and different time periods. Don’t worry about what you covered and what you didn’t.
  • Look up other relevant design related topics such as logos, branding, graphics, animation etc. Again, don’t worry about what you covered and what you didn’t.
  • Look up contemporary terms relevant to these times such as – global warming, climate change, and words like vernacular, cost effective, sustainable, etc.
  • Look up plenty of art works and be inspired
  • Look up the works of leading artists, architects, fashion designers and interior designers and see who inspires you and why.
  • Start forming opinions on what you find attractive and why.
  • Look up general aptitude tests online, with questions on basic math, logic and reasoning, similar to the ones in the sample question paper. Practice those so that you master the thinking process for quick problem solving.

Being a creative subject, the type of questions that can be asked has innumerable possibilities. But the parameters for setting questions is the same as for any reputed design school pan India. Hence we recommend that you go through as many old question papers of as many Design Aptitude tests as possible.

Usually our Test is in the month of May. However, due to the pandemic we are considering replacing the test with an interview over zoom. Stay connected to know more.